12 Photos of Real Life Barbie

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1. A Barbie Is Born
Hailing from Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova is a 29 year old woman who is famously known as the human Barbie doll. Lukyanova rose to fame in 2012. With YouTube videos on her own channel, and a special on Vice news, Valeria took the world by storm. Everyone was talking about her exquisite resemblance to America’s favorite doll, Barbie!

2. Surgery Queen
Valeria underwent many plastic surgery procedures in order to get her entire body to look like the plastic doll’s. Though she insists on only having breast implants, before and after pictures don’t lie! It is even rumored that to achieve her extremely narrow waist, she had ribs removed! It might sound ridiculous, but so does trying to emulate a toy’s appearance inch per inch.

3. Modeling and Other Talents
Valeria’s intriguing looks consistently earn her modelling gigs with high profile companies. From “GQ” to “V Magazine”, she has been the subject of many admiring clients. Valeria also has a number of songs available for listening on her YouTube channel. Her genre of choice is opera!

4. Dieting
To maintain her petite doll-like frame, Valeria Lukyanova claimed she was a big fan of the raw food diet. Liquid foods in minimal amounts were her source of nourishment. It could not have been easy living off such little food for the price of beauty!

5. Fame and Fortune
Valeria credits her Internet popularity and worldwide fame to her inner beauty. She has said that her fame has absolutely nothing to do with her appearance, which is somewhat laughable. “Many people think you need only good looks to be successful, but it’s not true. Only spiritual work can bear tangible results”.

6. Breatharianism
Breatharianism is a phenomenon that dates back centuries, but is kept alive by the human barbie herself. To be able to live without eating or drinking, but survive on air is the main concept of breatharianism. Valeria has rid herself of her previous raw foods diet, and is taking on the diet of light and air. An interesting concept, but difficult to believe possible.

7. Amatue
Amatue is the spiritual name Valeria gave herself. Apparently an Atlantean name meaning “goddess of the sun”. Many of her YouTube videos, and all of her music is released under her Atlantean goddess name.

8. Snakin’ Around!
Playing with snakes is one of Valeria’s favorite pastimes, aside from posing for pictures and working out. She says cute snakes are one of her greatest weaknesses! A pet snake would have most people running out of the room!

9. BFF Olga
Barbie always had plenty of Barbie friends, which could only mean the company Valeria kept had to be doll-like. Olga Oleynik is Valeria’s best friend who is just as interested in emulating the popular toy. The two are often mistaken for sisters, as their interests are just as similar as their plastic looking appearance. It is unclear whether Olga maintains a breatharian lifestyle, but the two believe in otherworldly beings and spirituality.

10. Inspiring People Around the World
Anastasiya Shpagina, or the human anime doll, was inspired by Valeria’s journey to become a living doll. So pursued her dream of becoming a Japanese doll. The two have done interviews and photoshoots together, showcasing their petite frames, large made up eyes, and flawless pale skin. There are dozens of famous human dolls nowadays now growing in popularity with the help of Valeria.

11. Ken Counterpart
Every Barbie has her Ken, and so does Valeria! The only catch is that the romantically fated duo despise each other. Ken, or Justin Jedlica, like Valeria, has undergone several plastic surgeries to achieve his defined Ken look. When the two met on video, the encounter was pleasant, but it did not take long for Ken to release a statement saying that Valeria is “a dead mannequin with no personality.” Harsh!

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12. Pretty in Plastic
Valeria Lukyanova has made history, showcasing the wonders of plastic surgery, fascinating people with breatharianism, and gracing listening ears with her new-age music. The real-life Barbie is unrivaled in her resemblance to her favorite doll. Married and pursuing a career in spiritual leadership, Lukyanova is one of the world’s most interesting women.