15 Cures For The Dreadful Hangover

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1. Water
Hangovers occur because alcohol is a diuretic that causes dehydration, so when you awake, you crave hydration more than anything. Not only does water work as a cure, it also works as a preventative measure. Doctors recommend drinking 15 to 20 ounces before falling asleep so when you awake you’re far less likely to be a hungover mess. It is crucial to keep hydrating when hungover as well as it helps the body function faster and recuperate swiftly!

2. Sleep
Though your pounding headache might be difficult to sleep through, doctors recommend that you try to, especially if you’ve got nothing to do. Sleeping allows your body to play catch up, restoring its functionality to normal as you catch up on Z’s. You are far less likely to wake up feeling groggy and headachey with a good night’s rest. So sleep in, let your body do the work!

3. Full Breakfast
From your best friend’s mother to Kate Winslet, people all over swear by the effectiveness of a full breakfast on a hangover. If you’re not the type who is able to stomach food after a night of drunken fun, this cure is not for you. But if you wake up starving and thirsty, indulging in a couple eggs, ham, beans and toast will do your body a lot of good! Carbs, fats, vitamins, and protein are all essential on the road to recovery!

4. The Holy Grail
Two items, Vitamin Water and 5 Hour Energy, the holy grail of hangover cures. The vitamin water Revive will rehydrate you and give you the required electrolytes needed to renergize. 5 hour energy is full of the various vitamins and caffeine you’ll need that Vitamin water can not offer. The best part? Fluid form vitamins go directly into your body’s system, recharging everything your body needs after the wild night you put it through.

5. Cola
If there is one thing you need while hungover, it’s energy. When you’ve woken up from a drunken night’s sleep, you immediately fall victim to feelings of grogginess and fatigue. Oust those feelings with America’s favorite soda! Thats right, a bottle of coke will help you replenish the sugars your body needs to return to normal functionality. Enjoy!

6. Tomato Soup
Skip the side of a grilled cheese and warm up that can of Campbell’s tomato soup. For the dehydrated and woozy hungover victim, a bowl of soup will kickstart your road to recovery. You’ll fulfill your body’s need for hydration and potassium with every spoonful. The amount of sodium will make you thirstier, making you want more water and reducing forced hydration!

7. Vitamin Water
It is no longer a secret that Vitamin Water is the tastiest drinkable cure, and with 10 different flavors, an energy drink form and zero calorie options, it is also one of the most fun! Though they are ideal for drinking after physical activity, each colorful bottle contains several vitamins and electrolytes needed to fuel your body. After boozing, your body needs the same regeneration and what better way to do so than with a bottle of tropical citrus energy?!

8. Beans and Avocados
You already know that guac is extra, but did you know that it is also extra good for you?! Avocados alone are packed with healthy fats, fiber, and magnesium that the body needs after a long night drinking. Avocados will not sit heavy in your tummy or prolong nausea, letting you feel light, and rejuvenated as you recuperate.

9. Coconut Water
Health nuts love it, and so will you after a crazy night partying with friends. Coconut juice is an easy-to-find drink that packs quite a punch. Not only is it far more hydrating than water, it is full of potassium, the key ingredient to a quick recovery! Stock up on coconut juice, and you’ll be hangover free!

10. Ginger
Ginger is an age old remedy for stomachaches and nausea, but few know the miracles it can work for hangovers! Many swear by using ginger to help them return to normalcy. While you can consume ginger in it’s root form, ginger tea, ginger ale, and even candied ginger do the job as well!

11. Green Tea
People either love or hate green tea as it’s unique taste might not bode well with certain taste buds. In the case of a nasty hangover, green tea will become your new best friend. Bubbling with antioxidants, green tea keeps your liver healthy and allows you to recover faster! If you have trouble getting past the taste, add lemon or lavender to ease your journey to sobriety!

12. Watermelon
Not only is watermelon the epitome of a summery snack, but it is just as much of a morning after medicine! When hungover, your body craves hydration and revitalization of the essential nutrients and vitamins that Jack Daniels rid you of! Juicy watermelon slices will help revive your body and allow you to feel like yourself again in a matter of time!


13. Broth
Chicken broth might be essentially flavorless and among the most boring of soups, but you’ll be grateful after sipping on a warm bowl! The broth is full of vitamins and minerals that replenish the resources lost during the night before. It is the perfect cure for a person who has a hard time stomaching foods and drinks while hungover as it is very easy on a sensitive stomach.

14. Bath with Epsom Salt
Drawing a warm bath when hungover will undoubtedly ease that nasty headache and stomachache. A twenty minute soak will relax your body, then drain the tub and switch on a cool shower. The cold water will wake you up and rid you of groggy feelings. Not to mention, you’ll smell and feel a whole lot better!


15. Hair of the Dog
Believe it or not, thousands of people swear by drinking more in the mornin to help cure their hangover. Scientifically, they could be correct. Though it’s effectiveness varies from person to person, consuming more alcohol actually helps. Bloody Mary’s are popular hangover favorite. The vodka eases headaches, giving you a mildly drunken buzz, and the tomato juices will help replenish and retain the nutrients and hydration you’re short of!