15 Facts That Will Help You Love Running

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1. Endless Options
Whether on the treadmill or along a lakeside trail, it’s easy to rack up miles in a new spot. Put on your breeziest outfit and head out to location you’ve never been before. The best part about running is that you can do it anywhere. State parks, city sidewalks, or even in a new gym, keep your scenic route fresh and exciting by switching it up!

2. Bangin’ Body
Not only can having a sexy runner’s body improve your confidence and self-image, running everyday will help improve flexibility, and strengthen your core. Burning calories on those long runs will let you trim fat and transform it into muscle. Your new and constantly improving svelte figure will be your best asset!

3. Pets Welcome!
They always said that dogs were a man’s best friend, and for good reason too! Fido and Lassie probably love running more than you do! If you’re a park person, the great outdoors is the perfect location for you and your canine bud to run free. Grab a leash and some treats to create the perfect run for two!

4. Fresh Look
Believe it or not, getting drenched in sweat while on a run can do a world of good for your skin. Despite how dirty sweat can feel, it rids your pores of nasty bacteria and junk that can build up throughout the day. A sweat sesh can kickstart the production of natural oils which keep your skin fresher and healthier than an average couch potato!

5. Awesome Abs
You may not feel it while maintaining a steady stride for miles, but running uses your midsection more than you think. Keeping proper form improves your posture, and strengthens your abdominal muscles. With that, everyday movements from lifting things to getting out of bed become easier and swifter! All from a quick 30 minute jog!

6. Save Cash
Forget elaborate equipment or signing up for a monthly paying gym membership! When you’ve picked up running as your exercise of choice, all you’ll need to get going is a comfortable pair of sneakers. Nike, Asics, and New Balance are among the most popular brands and have a large variety, ensuring you’ll find the perfect pair for you!

7. Carboloading!
Running is one of the few intense sports that allows you to maintain a more flexible diet. Eat more freely after an interval training workout, you’ll need the protein and carbs. If you’re planning to enter a race or marathon, carbs will become your best friend. Bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice will become staples in your meals as they will double as fuel for the next run!

8. Stress Less
Studies have shown that running boosts the brain’s ability to produce serotonin, leaving you with higher levels and a brain at ease. Regular runners experienced consistently higher levels of serotonin and claimed to have generally calmer minds than those who skipped daily exercise. That’s right, rack up those miles, and stress a whole lot less!

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9. Variety
One of the reasons why running has grown so popular is that there are so many ways to keep it fun and engaging. Long runs, quick jogs, interval workouts, marathon training, whatever appeals to you most is only as far as the nearest sidewalk or trail! Leave the mundane 1600 metered track behind, and go offroading with your running routine!

10. Running Mates
Tired of meeting boring men at the bar? Or engaging in small talk with the local ladies? Checking out the local running scene is a great and worthwhile way to meet new friends. Finding a running mate keeps exercise fun and conversation interesting!

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11. Musical Freedom
You may not be able to have a soundtrack to your everyday activities, but when you’ve got your sneakers on and your headphones in, you have complete control over the background music. Tune out car horns or mindless chatter with the rhythmic beats of Katy Perry or Calvin Harris! Adding music will also help distract from wanting to give up, and help regulate breathing patterns!

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12. Adventure!
Whether you’re jogging in your suburban neighborhood, or out for a quick run on your vacation in Aruba, there is always room for adventure while running. Take to a rocky trail or a sandy beach boardwalk, the road less travelled is always rewarding! On breaks to catch your breath, you’ll appreciate the view!

13. Year-Round Runs
Unlike many outdoor activities, running is one of few that can be maintained year round. Whether you decide to suit up and face the cold or stay inside and fire up the treadmill, going for a jog is never out of the question! You won’t have to stress about seasonal activities anymore when you’ve picked up running!

14. Me-Time
Busy days can get tiring day after day, and what better way to take a deep breath than while out in the wilderness on a long run? Lacing up those sneakers and planning a route allows you that me-time you’ve been longing for. Become one with nature while burning calories, a win-win situation!

15. Better Sleep
People who exercise daily reported an exponential improvements in their sleep quality when they began running more regularly. In a 2013 study from the National Sleep Foundation, they surveyed active and non-active people, and those who were active reported to get a better night’s rest than those who skipped physical activity. Even just a 10 minute run a day can improve your sleep schedule and quality!

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