15 Habits of Successful People

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1. Everyday Routines
Waking up early, quick morning jog, shower, breakfast, go to work. Many people who are constantly busy are so used to working on a tight-clock schedule, so it is only natural that they keep their everyday routines just as succinct. Making the most of each day is a great habit, and you never regret efficiency!


2. Avoid Multi-Tasking
For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out whether multi-tasking is effective and efficient. Many successful people say that it is not. It is always better to do one task wholeheartedly than try to do four hastily. You should never have to rush through something if you were on top of things to begin with. Start tomorrow fresh, and complete your duties with full concentration. Your results are sure to be outstanding.

3. Practice
Professional athletes do far more off-screen than spectators could ever imagine. Being diligent and enjoying the process of becoming stronger and more indestructible is a key ingredient to being successful. Mull over those statistics more than anyone else, be better than the next person could ever dream of being. If you set the bar high, and work hard to reach it, success is in your future.

4. Stay Humble
Remember where you started and never take a thing for granted. Greed can quickly overpower an egotistical moneymaker, but a well-rounded successful person values modesty, charity, and fulfillment equally. Better yet, a successful person feels fulfilled by staying humble. Always remembering the building blocks are crucial.

5. Care for Your Body
You will never see Oprah doing a show with the flu or strep throat. Successful people know when to go, when to pause, and when to stop. When your body becomes at risk because of illness, making a speedy recovery is an absolute priority. Much like multi-tasking, when you are not fully functioning, your work ethic and spirit are also handicapped. See a doctor, and stay home until you’re yourself again!

6. Stay Active
A large part of maintaining a healthy body and spirit is by exercising. An hour a day of any moving activity will keep you young, and your heart, lungs, and legs will thank you for using them for something other than business interactions. Tennis with a colleague gets both of you out of the workplace and into a relaxed state of mind needed with any demanding position.

7. Eat Healthy
You can, and should, still indulge in ice cream, cookies, and cakes, but never forget the importance of moderation. Successful people always make sure they have eaten the best possible things for them to get through the day. Skip the trip to McDonald’s and try something from the Whole Foods hot bar, where there is always something you’ll want to devour!

8. Plan Ahead
Last minute ordeals rarely occur with prosperous people. The chances that a doctor will be late to an event are slim to none as they are so accustomed to running on a strict schedule with little leniency. Work hard Monday through Friday, but if work goes over into Saturday, at least you had already planned for a quick getaway on your yacht! Balance is key!

9. Getting a Full Eight Hours
Many people underestimate the importance of sleep. It is scientifically proven that not getting enough sleep can deter you from performing tasks to the best of your ability. Though it may be difficult with children, or other things to take care of at home, with a structured schedule, you should be able to get all eight hours in. Your body will thank you in the middle of the day when you don’t feel like you need a power nap!

10. Maintain Outside Interests
It is important to successful people that their job does not equal their life. If Dr. Phil was constantly worried about other people’s problems, he would never catch a minute of sleep. Mentally remove yourself from work the second you leave the workplace, and refocus on doing the things you love. Whether it is knitting, video games, shopping, or watching movies, it is crucial that you maintain a healthy dose of enjoying the things you love.


11. Hold on to Friendships
Sometimes in the work world, relationships can become tense and distant. Finding time to catch up with friends or attend dinner parties only becomes more difficult the more needed one becomes. You and your friends understand how hard it can be to schedule time, but it is important to try until it happens. Losing friends to the workplace is a sad but common mistake people can make. People like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg have maintained friendships with people from elementary school. Staying grounded and sincere is everything.

12. Read
Though you may have finished years and years of school and mandatory reading, you now are able to do leisurely reading! Successful people are always reading, whether it’s a novel, a memoir, or a didactic book, they are forever evolving and advancing people. Oprah has her own book club, which gives out a list of the books that Oprah recommends to her viewers, readers, and fans. Her book club alone has earned her quite a lot of money too!

13. Giving Back
Bill Gates is the perfect example of a successful and charitable man. He uses his wealth to help those who need it most. Making sure money, greed, and power do not consume you is difficult in the face of prosperity. Donating and volunteering is a fantastic and admirable way of ensuring you stay grounded and grateful.

14. Exert Tireless Grit
Success has no shortcuts, and those who need them do not truly embody nor understand what success is. Long days, time away from home, overworking the mind are all symptoms of a hard worker with true grit. Knowing when to push hard so you are able to relax comfortably later is the key to success. No easy way outs, just old-fashioned hard labor. If there is a dream, it must be chased relentlessly.

15. Prioritize Your Way to Success
The path to success is a long road with unexpected sharp turns every few miles. It is incredibly important to keep priorities in place. Successful people never get sidetracked nor allow setbacks to defeat them. Know when to party, know when to stay home, know when to work, know when to be patient. Whatever is most important to you shows through in your personal successes.