15 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Fattening Foods

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1. Burrito Alternative
If exiling Chipotle from your diet is just out of the question, order up a burrito bowl than your usual taco or burrito. Ousting the tortilla creates a healthy chipotle meal. Beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and meat are full of vitamins, fibers, and proteins that are essential to your daily diet. Getting a bowl instead of a burrito has never been so rewarding!

2. Hershey Bars Alternative
Kind Bars are the ideal mix of sweet and salty, fulfilling your chocolatey desires with just 5g of sugar! Hershey bars are full of sugars, fats, and calories that could be easily passed up. Get your hands on a Kind bar when you’re craving and you’ll never look back!

3. McDonalds Breakfast Sandwich Alternative
Stop wasting money every morning at McDonalds. Few can resist their cheaply priced coffee, but pass on those processed and machine made breakfast sandwiches! Instead, take a couple minutes at home to make yourself an egg and avocado sandwich! Eggs contain protein that will get you going through the day and the avocado contains fiber, vitamins, and potassium, all of which your body will thank you for later!

4. Belgian Waffles Alternative
Two ingredients, that’s all you’ll need to fill your craving for some golden Belgian waffles. Flourless pancakes only requires one egg and three tablespoons of mashed bananas. Blend them up, then get to the griddle. These perfect pancakes are suitable for those on a vegan diet too!

5. Potato Chips Alternative
Once you’ve opened a bag of lays its nearly impossible to close it until each last crumb is licked off your fingertips. When you realize 15 chips sums up to 160 calories, you’ll think twice about your favorite salty snack. Our healthy alternative? Snap peas! The tasty hybrid between snow and green peas is full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, and easy to locate in your local market!

6. Brownies Alternative
If there is one foor more addictive than cookies, it’s brownies. Brownies can have from 100 to 300 calories, making them a delicious but heavy dessert. Vegan Brownies, however, taste just as sweet and leave you feeling guiltless for indulging! Most recipes include 6 essential ingredients, dairy free butter, cocoa and baking powder, vanilla, sugar, and flax eggs. Really, that’s it!

7. Pizza Alternative
Late night delivery could be the reason for your scale into reading the numbers you’d like it to read. Skip dominos and cook up some homemade bagel bites! These small treats will fill you up quicker than slices of cheese or pepperoni will, and you have far more creative liberty! Feeling fruity? Add some pineapple on top of you pizza bites to sweeten the deal!

8. Ice Cream Alternative
For those days you want to cuddle up with Ben & Jerry, letting go of ice cream can be tough, but you don’t necessarily have to! Protein smoothies give you the cold taste you’ve been craving with with a healthy twist! A cookie dough protein shake only requires vanilla protein powder, chocolate chips, maple extract, and raw oats. Mix it all together and take a long sip, you’ll fall in love in a matter of seconds!

9. Cheeseburger Alternative
If you’re a burger lover unwilling to sacrifice your favorite food for a healthy diet, we’ve got a simple fix! Make your burger healthy! All you’ll need to do is remove the bread bun and replace it with two large leaves of lettuce. Lettuce itself is 96% water content, making it virtually the healthiest possible bun out there! Most burger joints offer lettuce buns too, so your healthy fix won’t be frowned upon!

10. Pita Chips Alternative
Pita may taste like the chip for gods, but when you peek at their nutritional information, they’re probably made for people with extremely fast metabolisms. Skip the pita, and bring on the kale! Kale chips are mouthwateringly good and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they are not only low in calories, but high in vitamin K and potassium. Add garlic, rosemary or lemon to make them just as addictive as any other chip!

11. PB & J Alternative
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been with you ever since you were little, but as you grow up and have a job rather than recess and playtime, finding an alternative that is nutritionally rewarding is a great idea! Peanut butter & banana sandwiches have far more to offer than you favorite lunchbox meal. Peanut butter is full of proteins, and bananas with potassium, the perfect combo for a long day and tasty alternative to a PB&J!

12. French Fries Alternative
Millions of Americans everyday can not help but order a side of french fries with their sandwich, burger, even ice cream! It is no secret that the delicious fried potato straws are often the most unhealthy part of a meal. If you’re addicted to that savory salty crunch, try homemade sweet potato wedges instead! Instead of frying them up in fattening oils, bake them! The same crunch you love, but a sweeter and more nutritious deal!

13. Fruit Juice Alternative
If you like bloody marys, you’re not stranger to indulging in vegetable juice! Everyone knows that sodas are the definition of liquid calories, but few people realize that juices are just as loaded as their bubbly neighbors. Fruity juices are often chock full of sugars, so switching in vegetable juice will have you devouring plenty of vitamins, fibers, and other nutritious elements, many of which juices can’t offer!

14. Morning Treats Alternative
Its hard to pass up those tasty danishes, donuts, and breakfast bars when it’s morning and you need a sugar boost, but there are far healthier alternatives! Smoothies are a delicious and nutritious breakfast starter. Green smoothies with kale, spinach, and oranges are just as appetizing and energy filling as your usual go-to treat. With thousands of unique recipes available online, you can never get bored blending up new smoothies every morning!

15. Mayonnaise Alternative
Instead of completing your favorite sandwiches with mayonnaise, try America’s new favorite fruity, avocados! Mayo is nothing but a fatty condiment with no nutritional benefits. Avocados maintain that creamy texture with good fats and 5 essential vitamins! Even though guac might be extra, it’s worth the splurge!