25 Incredibly Realistic Disney Characters

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1. Belle
Belle has a practical outlook on life that makes her one of the most popular of all Disney princess characters. She doesn’t put on airs or pretend that she’s better than anyone, and she fights for what she believes in, which is a brave thing to do when you’re stuck in a castle with a monster like Beast, who is a fearsome creature until he’s tamed by Belle’s refusal to pity him for his appearance. This sketch captures Belle’s best qualities, toughness, courage and simplicity.

2. Ariel
Ariel is one of those Disney characters who always has a sly smile on her face. She loves life, and wants to experience as many new things as possible, and this sketch makes her look like a red-haired high-school girl who’s on the cusp of becoming a woman, but wants to party a few more years and learn more about life before settling down into boring things like duty and responsibility.

3. Aurora
This sketch of Aurora perfectly captures her golden-haired beauty. But what’s refreshing is the natural face that isn’t marred by makeup. Aurora looks like a woman who is confident, secure and strong, without hiding behind a layer of paint on her face. Her expression is that of a woman who has her future all planned out and nothing is going to get in her way.

4. Cinderella
Don’t you just love this rendition of Cinderella? It’s so…real and tangible and something you could imagine seeing if you she were to materialize into real life. This is a Cinderella who is a modern girl with dreams, note the way her left hand brushes against her cheek in a gesture of hope. Cinderella is a working girl who has big dreams, and she may be dressed in plain clothes here, but her spirit shines through like gold.

5. Alice
This image perfectly captures the shy and curious spirit that makes Alice such an enduring icon for children of all ages. This is a girl who wants more than she has, and her boundless desire to experience new things is evident in her wide eyes, humble stance and the look of pure anticipation on her face.

6. Pocahontas
No cliched Native American tropes in this one, right? This is strong, powerful image of  girl power in full, from the blood tattoo on her right biceps to the challenging look on her face as she stares into your soul. This Pocahontas isn’t some shrinking violet who lowers her eyes when a man walks in, she’s a female warrior capable of leading her people to freedom.

7. Snow White
This is Snow White as a young woman on the cusp of maturity. Her spread hands indicate an innocence that could end or become wisdom in due time. The green bow in her hair shows that while she yearns for adventure, she’s still sensible enough to know how to dress for her destiny. She’s eager but not wide-eyed and that’s the definition of a modern take on Snow White.

8. Esmeralda
This Esmeralda is a smoking hot Gypsy woman who knows how to harness the power of her sexuality, without having to expose any skin or do anything but smile. The insouciance of her left hand on her hip and the way she’s lifted her right shoulder are all earmarks of a woman who knows how to play to the camera, and the effect her looks have on those watching. Go girl!

9. Jasmine
This version of Jasmine plays it right on the edge of sensuality without going over. Notice how the sleeves of her too-short top are just hanging low enough to make things interesting without being unduly provocative. Her bare midriff is enticing but not lascivious, and her expression is come-hither if you dare.

10. Ursula
Wow, but doesn’t this Ursula look as if she stepped right out of a drag contest? This is a bawdy, vivacious Ursula who carries her extra weight like a badge of honor. She’s got a killer smile, confidence for days and a wicked gleam in her eye. This is an Ursula that might give you a kiss or kill you, depending on her mood.

11. Mulan
This is such a traditional depiction of Mulan as innocent. From the long flowing black hair to the perfect face, pleasant smile and perfect almond eyes, this is a woman gunning for sainthood. Check out the traditional kimono, which fully embraces Mulan’s heritage.

12. Tiana
Hmmm…give me a minute on this one…ok, yeah, it’s not working for me. Tiana’s power in the Disney film is that she’s a minority character who displays the same level of confidence, humor and appeal as any of Disney’s traditional white characters. But here, Tiana seems reduced to being a maid, which brings up some cliches and stereotypes that don’t sit well. Not feeling this one at all.

13. Jane
This Jane looks English, doesn’t she? You don’t have to hear her say a word to know that she would speak with a mellifluous voice, and an upper-class accent. But she doesn’t look like some hoity-toity lady, she looks ready for anything. Her shirt is simple and practical, and her bare arms are sun-browned so she’s obviously been out in the world. Her piercing green eyes and pointed nose are all about royalty, but this Jane looks like she could kick your ass and kiss you at the same time.

14. Rapunzel
Impish, sly and a troublemaker, that’s what you see in this sketch. And by the way, how did Amanda Seyfried get into this picture? Love the long locks, the look of mischief and fun on her Rapunzel’s face, and the vibe that this is a girl who would rather party in a bar with a group of friends, than act like a ‘good girl,’ which she clearly isn’t inclined to be.

15. Megara
Ok, it took me a minute to remember that this is ‘Meg’ from “Hercules,” because this rendition of her makes her look like a lush who has just consumed copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and has no idea where she is at the moment. Meg’s a free-spirited character with attitude and a heart of gold that she eventually gives to Hercules, so it appears this sketch is all about capturing that wild side of her personality.

16. Anna & Elsa
This is an Anna that you would see in your neighborhood, a sweet, innocent girl with natural good looks, piercing blue eyes and the look of a young woman filled with possibility. And this Elsa is exactly how you picture Elsa as a young woman who is both dangerous and vulnerable. Together they are opposites, but much stronger as a whole than when they’re apart.

17. Wendy
Wendy has always had a wanderlust, and this rendition perfectly captures what makes her such a fascinating character. Her face is lit up with wonder as she gazes somewhere off screen and her open palms make it seem as if she’s about to float into the air and head out to join the Lost Boys in a land where kids never age.

18. Tinkerbell
Whoa, this version of Tinkerbell has all kinds of mischief in her sly smile. This isn’t a Tinkerbell who is shy or demure, this is Tinkerbell as modern-day heroine who embodies all the best qualities of ‘girl power.’ This is a 2015 Tinkerbell that looks as if she likes taking selfies and hanging out on social media sites.

19. Hercules
Admit it ladies, the first thing you thought was ‘This guy’s hot, but he sure doesn’t look smart.’ With that wavy hair and chiseled cheekbones, this Hercules is a male model/bodybuilder who probably spends more time thinking about what hair gel he’s going to use than fighting mythological monsters to save damsels in distress.

20. Eric
This as perfect a real-life Eric as you’ll ever find. From the thick, bushy eyebrows to the aquiline nose to the waves of dark hair, this is Prince Eric brought to life in a way that makes him flesh and blood and gorgeous and approachable. He’s got a playful smile, bright, caring eyes and a body that tells you he takes care of himself, but not to the extent that he wouldn’t be into his girlfriend.

21. Aladdin
This almost looks like a photo, doesn’t it? Aladdin has always been an interesting Disney character because he’s one of the few animated male leads who is of color. And this rendition captures that exotic spirit that makes Aladdin special.

22. Prince Charming
Could this version of Charming look any more British? From the way his  hair is parted to the hazel eyes to the upturned mouth to the square jaw, he just oozes elegance and royalty. This Prince Charming looks as if he could play James Bond during the day and perform his royal duties at night.

23. Adam (The Beast)
Really interesting version of The Beast. The traditional monster that Disney created has been sublimated to show what he looks like in human form. It’s a great rendition, because you still get touches of the wild animal in the tangled mass of hair and the thicker upper lip, but you also get a romantic vibe that makes Adam’s romance with Belle so enduring.

24. Tarzan
This Tarzan looks like a male model posing in GQ or Esquire. He looks a bit like the actor who played Jax on “Sons of Anarchy” if he grew long hair and went shirtless. This is a Tarzan that would probably spend more time trying to seduce Jane than running on treetops with monkeys.

25. John Smith
Since the Disney John Smith stands for perfect European exploration and manifest destiny, it’s not surprising that this sketch of him captures the Aryan beauty that makes Smith so appealing to young girls and young women. The contrast between Smith’s pale, Nordic features and the dark brown skin of his love interest Pocahontas is an interesting statement for modern times.