15 Signs That It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job

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1. Dreading Getting out of Bed
No one likes to hear their morning alarm buzz and ring and be awoken to a list of things to do. However, when you keep pressing the snooze button because you simply dread the thought of having to work with that micro-managing boss of yours, that’s when you know it’s time to reconsider your position. It’s never healthy to wake up miserable.

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2. Your Life Isn’t Balanced
Missing out on family time because you’ve been staying at work late to finish up busy work? If you feel that your time with the people who matter most is being compromised for time in the workplace, it’s time to fix the problem. Don’t miss your daughter’s first steps, or your mother’s 80th birthday. There is nothing worse than missing those memorable once-in-a-lifetime moments.

3. Your Company’s Success Is Failing
If business has been spiraling downward for quite some time, it is in your best interest to seek a more successful opportunity before your current employer eats you up and spits you out. If you don’t envision the fate of the company as a positive and beneficial one, change your own, and get out of there stat!

4. Bad Relationships
Sure, you didn’t apply for your job to make new friends and extend your social circle, you did it for the salary and experience. However, having a supportive and amiable team is a huge part of a successful powerhouse. If your relationships have turned sour with no means of refreshing them, it is time to say goodbye to the people who are not helping you progress. Negative people only hold you back, so shake it off, quit your job, and find a new progressive place to take your talents.

5. Constant Stress
Heavy migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea on rotation are tell-tale signs of excess stress. If your job is the leading cause of this stress, reconsider if all of the physical aches and bad feelings are worth your hourly wage. When it comes to your health, nothing else is more important. Take care of yourself before catering to your bosses.

6. Stagnation
No one wants to be in a job where they are unable to grow and develop. Whether it is learning a new skill, or being promoted to a higher rank, a good business evolves, and genuinely wants their employees to advance. If you’re finding it impossible to continue your learning process or upgrade your position, perhaps it is time to find another place that values growth.

7. Weekends Are Your Only Breathing Time
Everybody loves a workless weekend. However, if you feel suffocated five days out of the week and need the weekends to restore oxygen to your lungs, that is a clear sign your job is not a good fit for you. While work can be stressful as you have plenty of things to do and get done, you should never feel as though you are consistently on the verge of a meltdown. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and just say “I quit”.

8. Ridiculous Hours
If you’re not getting enough hours, or getting too many and your boss simply says that he needs you there for those times, it might be time to say goodbye to him forever. You and your boss initially agreed on your hours when you first started, so if he has morphed them but still expects you to obediently abide, you have every right to quit.

9. You’ve Thought a Lot About Quitting
Just do it! If the thought has been racing through your mind, it is for good reason. Life is too short to be spent unhappy in a cubicle or behind a desk, or in front of a greasy fryer. Rip the band-aid off as fast as possible and do not look back. There is no point in continuing on in a position you loathe.

10. Loss of Passion
Work just might not be the way it used to be, but if it is because you no longer have any interest in your career path, run out of there! Everyone has seen those work zombies who are simply at their job to receive a paycheck. If you haven’t smiled in your workplace for a while, it’s best to find a place that makes you happy each and every day.

11. Your Boss Is Incompetent
Do you find yourself constantly wondering how your boss was ever qualified enough for the position? If you went through the trouble of earning degree after degree and you’re working for people who might have gotten their position because of connections, save yourself the headache and just quit. With a good head on your shoulders, your intelligence and keen mind is needed in plenty of other places.

12. Your Skills Are Getting Dusty
If you were hired for a job that calls for a creative mind but got stuck doing paperwork and tiresome tasks, resign. You are good at what you do and to be unable to do it is ludicrous. Pack up and take that wonderful imagination of yours to a company who will be in awe of your greatness. There is nothing worse to waste than a beautiful mind.

13. Change of Responsibilities, Same Pay
You have finally gotten to take on more advanced work and now get to work with colleagues a rank higher than your own. The only downside is that they still receive thousands more than you per year. If your employer does not uphold the idea of equal pay for equal work, you should definitely call it quits. Subjective bosses are often unfair bosses, and your hard work should never go uncompensated.

14. Your Creativity Is Squashed
If your employers discourage creativity and try to stick to the old-fashioned rule the founders created, it might be time to quit. A business is only as successful as the people who embody it. If the employees have absolutely no voice in how the company functions, the bosses in charge do not sincerely appreciate those they hire. As a person, and an employee, you should demand the respect you deserve. If your constructive opinion is worthless to them, they should be worthless to you.

15. Harassment
If you are just downright uncomfortable in your workplace because of someone else’s behavior, and nothing is being done to stop it, you should turn in your resignation letter as fast as you can. Everyone deserves to feel untroubled and respected by their coworkers and bosses. If you grow increasingly distressed at work, save yourself the pain and heartache and get out of there!