15 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

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1. Drink Water Before Meals
Proper and regular hydration is the number one key to maintaining a fast metabolism. On average, diesters who drank two glasses of water before consuming a meal lost around 5 more pounds that dieters who skipped pre-meal hydration. Nutritionists recommend drinking half your body weight in water ounces per day, so a person weighing 150 pounds should drink 75 ounces of water each day! Staying hydrated also leads to clearer skin, a brighter smile, and a lighter you!

2. Lemon Water
As simple as it is, adding lemon to your body will make a world of a difference to your body. Not only does it make mundane water taste delicious, but it helps build a healthy immune system and keep you hydrated longer. Consumed warm or cold, lemon water is the best drink to cool down or warm up and stay fit!

3. Green Tea
If you’re not like the average American who loves their daily couple cups of coffee, consider trying green tea for an early morning energy boost! Not only will you be pleasantly woken up, you’ll be as pleasantly surprised to find that green tea is full of antioxidants shown to increase calorie burning by nearly 100 calories throughout the day!

4. Whey Protein Smoothies
Smoothies have become all the rage with fitness gurus, and have been a tasty treat since you were a child. Add some whey protein and they’ll become your favorite metabolism booster! Whey protein causes an increase in calorie burning and fat utilization, allowing the body to maintain muscle and make you feel full! Flavored whey smoothie mixes are sold in most nutrition stores and are quite affordable for the value!

5. Have a Couple Eggs
After morning exercise, it is crucial to help yourself to the most important meal of the day; breakfast! If you’re not the type to fully indulge, two eggs, cooked in whichever way is most preferable will help boost your metabolism. The protein in the eggs will give you the fat burning nutrients needed to get through the rest of your day!

6. Lift Weights
Though many people opt for yoga or pilates for daily exercise routines, adding weights will thrust your body into fat-burning mode. The ideal time to get in a quick lifting workout is in the morning. Your body is able to burn fat faster throughout the day with early exercise rather than storing fats all day with no exercise. Even if it’s just 5 pounds, lifting makes a significant difference in your metabolism!

7. Smaller, Frequent Meals
Consuming frequent small meals throughout the day can surprisingly help jump-start your metabolism! Dietitians recommend at least three to four meals a day. The key is to keep portion sizes filling, but not excessive. Stars like Sam Smith and Beyonce swear by mini meals and their effectiveness to keep you crave-less and feeling healthy!

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8. Spice It Up
If you love spicy food, you’re in for a treat! Chili peppers found in most hot sauces and spicy dishes contain capsaicin, a chemical with a thermogenic effect that allows the body to burn nearly 90 more calories following a mea. Stock up on Sriracha and trade in the mild for the hot, burning your tastebuds will help you burn more calories!

9. High Intensity Workouts
Ever wonder why athletes of almost any sport have the best metabolisms? Their high intensity workouts to get them in shape for competitions causes a spike in their metabolisms lasting for nearly two days. So with consecutive days of challenging exercise, the body’s ability to maintain a rapid acting metabolism. Just 10 minutes of vigorous high intensity interval training will last days!

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10. Embrace the Cold
No one likes shivering as much as your metabolism! Thats right, voluntarily exposing yourself to cool temperatures forces your body to warm itself up. This process boosts your metabolism, lowers body fat, and allows you to burn calories without much activity! Skip the warm shower and crank up the cold water, or better yet, take an ice bath! You might cringe at the thought, but your muscles will feel incredibly relaxed for days.


11. Yogurt Snacks
Believe it or not, your favorite fruity yogurt has incredible benefits toward putting your metabolism on the fast track. According to JJ Virgin, a celebrity nutritionist and famous author of “The Virgin Diet Cookbook,”Yogurt, like other full-fat dairy, also has a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that studies show can improve fat burning,”. Add slices of banana to your yogurt to make the perfect sweet and healthy snack!

12. Grab a Cup of Coffee
Not only does coffee effectively wake you up and get you ready to go, it also helps gets your metabolism going! Consuming caffeine allows your central nervous system to speed up, therefore quickening your metabolism. A black cup of joe has also proved to boost energy levels while exercising, and lengthening endurance, allowing you to work harder for longer!

13. Keep It Movin’
When put in perspective, the average human with a desk job spends more than half of their day sitting and sleeping. Put some pep in your step and change up your routine of sitting! According to the American College of Sports Medicine, standing up during a call or simply fidgeting around almost doubles the amount of calories your body would normally burn. So spin around in that swivel chair, and jump for joy when conference calls end, you’ll be doing yourself a favor!

14. Add More Seafood
Seafood is the holy grail of healthy meats. Forget beef, get yourself a salmon burger, or top your salad with salmon! America’s favorite pink fish is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, and consuming the fish alone increases lean muscle and decreases fat in the long run! Bake it, grill it, eat it! You’ll love this metabolism boosting superfood!

15. Detox!
Younger generations of health enthusiasts and nutritionists have been obsessed with body detoxing lately. A detox can go for a week up to a month, but as long as you’re keeping away from foods that don’t do your body any good, you’re on a detox! Celebs have notoriously gone on juice cleanses, smoothie detoxes and so on. Each detox works to kickstart your metabolism, clear up your skin, and leave you feeling light and fresh!