15 Ways To Increase Your Mood

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1. Set Goals
Everyone has a bucket list or a list of things they’ve always wanted to do, but taking the time to write them out on paper helps legitimize them! While brainstorming all the fun in the future, you will grow increasingly happier at the mere thought of skydiving with your best friend or taking that dream trip to the Eiffel Tower! Get creative with your list, there are plenty of ways more fun than just a paper and penned checklist!

2. Get Creative
Getting creative gets progressively harder to make time for as you age, but taking the time to get out the knitting needles or a blank canvas and some paint can increase your mood within minutes! There are few things more rewarding than creating art from scratch. Not only will you be left with a proud smile, you’ll have a new pair of mittens or a new painting to display in your living room!

3. Read
The fastest and easiest way to boost your mood is to grab a good book and completely zone in. Psychologists believe that reading is so effective in providing stress relief because it forces the human mind to concentrate, ultimately easing tenseness as you get lost in your personal literary world. Even just 10 minutes of reading can leave you feeling brand new!

4. Eat Some Chocolate
Searching for an excuse to eat a candy bar and not feel guilty about it? We’ve got your fix! A study was conducted to survey the effects of chocolate on the human mood. When the results came in, researchers found that consuming a bar of dark chocolate daily for 14 days significantly reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So the next time your friends frown upon your monthly dose of chocolate bars, you can set them straight!

5. Clean Up The Clutter
When your living space or work space needs to be cleaned, chance are you won’t want to. But when you’re feeling down in the dumps, cleaning up the clutter, organizing or rearranging provides you with feelings of renewal. As long as it’s voluntary, decluttering makes a world of a difference in your mode! A change of environment helps to feel free of a negative perspective and ultimately more refreshed!

6. Laugh!
Sometimes all you need to improve your mood is to feel like you’re a kid again. Sometimes the adult world is too serious, so forget about rent and your career for an hour and turn on some cartoons! The more nonsensical the better! Laughing can brighten your mood instantly and give you the escape you’ve so long desired for!

7. Go For A Drive
If you’ve been feeling cooped up or coming down with cabin fever, going for a ride is the best way to rid yourself of feeling trapped. Roll the windows down, turn the radio volume up, and cruise down a quiet road. Being one with the road is a popular way for many people to air out their minds and regain their happiness!

8. Yoga
Yoga has grown to be one of the most popular activities and for good reason! Focusing on breathing and easing the mind does the body and brain a lot of good. Opening up your chest or stretching out your arms can easily enlighten you with a little, but much needed, sense of peace. Whether in your cubicle, or at home, there are plenty of yoga poses that are virtually doable in any location!

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9. Go Shopping!
What better way to take your mind off your worries and troubles than to stock up on the latest styles?? Whether you intend to purchase items or not, being in a community environment like a mall or plaza can make you feel less alone and anxious. Take a load off, and buy those jeans that make you feel like a million bucks!

10. Pet Your Pooch
Cat, dog, ferret, or rabbit, no matter what pet you call your own, their company will surely cheer you up. Playing fetch, snuggling up, even taking a nap together can instantly boost your mood. Being with a furry friend who appreciates your attention more than anyone you know is a sure fire way to put a smile on your face!

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11. Listen To Music
Noise cancelling headphones have been on the rise as of late and for good reason! What better way to forget about you problems than immerse yourself in the melodic tunes of Maroon 5 or Coldplay. Getting lost in oldies has never been a bad thing!

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12. Sit By The Water
Whether it’s swimming, fishing, sailing, or just dipping your feet in, being by the water bring a great sense of serenity to millions. The great outdoors have far more to offer than being indoors or within a concrete jungle could dream of. There is something incredibly soothing about being lakeside or beachside that millions rely on to clear their minds.

13. Phone A Friend
Feeling lonely? There will always be someone who will assure you that you never have to feel alone. Call up a good friend or one you haven’t connected with for a while; engaging in conversation will distract you from your troubling thoughts and allow you to think more positively. That’s what friends are for anyway!

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14. Snuggle Up
If you’re feeling blue, nothing can get you out of it like a good cup of hot chocolate, a good movies, and warm blankets. For those rainy days that have got you feeling down, make the best of your situation by setting up camp inside. Invite a friend over to spend the day with, you’ll both be glad you did!

15. Go For A Run
Getting your blood pumping allows you to take you mind off your troubles and focus on your fitness. Breathing in fresh air and taking the scenic route allows you to view your situation in a larger perspective, alleviating stress altogether! You’ll feel good doing it, and won’t regret burning calories and toning your figure afterward!