18 Celebs That Have Puberty to Thank

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1. Ryan Seacrest
Ok, be honest…you thought for a second that the young pic of Seacrest was of a girl, right? There’s no shame in admitting that Seacrest as a youngster looked and smiled like a lesbian chick and that he has greatly improved with age to the point that you couldn’t reasonably say that the circled photo is actually of him.

2. Mariah Carey
The smile is still there, and the basic elements of her features are intact, but plastic surgery and maturity did wonders for Carey’s development. Everything came together in a much more harmonious way as she grew older, and luckily for her, there were some skilled surgeons who took care of what nature couldn’t.

3. Jennifer Lopez
There’s no reason to believe that these are the same people. The little girl is cute and precious, but shows few signs of becoming a Latina hottie with curves for days and a bootie made for shaking. Lopez continues to defy the odds by somehow remaining relevant in her late 40s, and looking better than ever after more than 20 years in the limelight.

4. Avril Lavigne
Uh, hmmm, yeah, the nerdling on the left is destined to work as an accountant or tax collector and grow old without every marrying. The woman on the right is Avril Lavigne, a recognized superstar in music. One of these things, doesn’t belong here.

5. Victoria Beckham
Whoa, give us a moment to recover from the gap-toothed smile of the girl on the left who morphed into the most popular Spice Girl and ‘Wife of Becks.’ Beckham has become a fashion and style icon, and cuts a stunning figure whenever she steps out on the red carpet with her equally put-together husband, David Beckham. But on the left? That’s a kid with a face for radio.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker
All due respect, but the inset pic of Parker resembles a man in drag, wearing a wig and coke bottle glasses. That appears to have been taken during Parker’s run on the CBS comedy “Square Pegs,” and all copies of this photo should be found and destroyed.

7. George Clooney
What’s funny about this early photo of Clooney is that it’s all there, the no-lip smile, the chiclet teeth, the hooded eyes, but it’s not quite there, right? Young Clooney looks like the kid who got his milk money stolen every day at lunch, and present Clooney looks like a man who steals money from rich women based solely on his good looks. Clooney is living proof that some men grow into their looks, and into their career.

8. Sandra Bullock
Remarkably, Bullock doesn’t look as if she’s had any plastic surgery in these two photos. The nose shape is the same, the lips haven’t been deformed with collagen, and the smile is that winsome Bullock smile that breaks hearts and wins Academy Awards. But Bullock definitely has a leaner, more angular face due to weight loss, and age and experience have made her lovely, instead of just merely beautiful.

9. Taylor Swift
The picture on the right is of a world-famous female singer who pretty much just warbles about all the lousy dudes in her romantic life that have left her high and dry, and the picture on the left is of…not sure…some long-haired  blond girl with weird braids on half her head. There is now way you can say that the girl on the left grew up to become Taylor Swift. DNA tests will be needed on this one.

10. Reese Witherspoon
Sometimes, you just get older and your features fall into place. Young Witherspoon is pretty much the same as older Witherspoon, except everything on older Witherspoon is tighter, leaner and filled out. But Witherspoon doesn’t appear to have artificially altered any of her features, for better or for worse.

11. Rashida Jones
The girl on the left never got asked out on dates, even though her father was Quincy Jones. The woman on the right is a legitimate sex symbol and all-around cutie who is an actress and writer, and has the exotic looks of a woman with mixed heritage. It doesn’t help the cause of the girl on the left that she appears to be wearing some kind of chef’s uniform.

12. Charlize Theron
Theron, Theron, wherefore art thou, Theron? Not much you can say other than the fact that Theron clearly blossomed as she grew older. She ditched the moon-shaped glasses, cleaned up her face, dyed her hair blond and became a model, then an actress, then an Oscar winner. Nice progression, don’t you think?

13. Megan Fox
Lots of paint and body work done on Ms. Fox’s behalf, as she went from a freckle faced, small-chested teen, to a sharp-nosed, collagen-lipped, busty seductress with a zero acting ability but the confidence to sell her looks to a town that values style over substance and beauty over brains.

14. Lil John
This may be the most epic example of how puberty just jacks you up for a few years, after which, it may take awhile for you to regain your sea legs. Lil’ Jon didn’t just change his hair style, he got lighter. Seriously, check him out as the geek-king with the bow tie, then look at him today and tell me that this is the same person.

15. Ben Affleck
Affleck went from young, ordinary punk to older handsome actor and Oscar winner. He filled out, lost weight, leaned out his face and exuded the confidence that comes from success. The basic symmetry of his features is the same, but there’s an attitude in Affleck now that’s a result of hard work, triumph and a cock-of-the-walk vibe that comes with people kissing  up to him for the past decade.

16. Zac Efron
As a teen, Efron could spit whole chicken bones through the gap in his front teeth, but he still had that mop-topped cuteness that promised better things to come. And come they did, as Efron transformed himself into one of the most lusted-after young male actors in Hollywood. He grew taller, more muscular and more confident in his skin.

17. Drew Barrymore
Barrymore has always had that smile that seems so genuine and adorable and appealing. Even as a kid in “ET,” she stole the movie by just being herself, and she parlayed that into a string of romantic comedy hits that traded on her girl-next-door vibe, even though this girl next door was a raging coke head for years, but that’s just semantics. Barrymore’s face lost a ton of chubbiness, but she retained her smile and added a clean sexiness that still makes her irresistible.

18. Beyonce Knowles
It’s amazing what long blond hair, a tall, thick body and the attitude of a true diva will do for a woman. Beyonce started out as a clean-faced young teen, and became a clean-faced woman with legs that won’t quit, a body built for speed and a voice that ranks among the very best in music today. No one can claim to match Beyonce’s combination of smarts, dedication, intensity and commitment to being successful.