19 Times Disney Characters Got Tatted Up and Looked Amazing

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1. Snow White Being Bad
This version of Snow White has all the trappings of a woman who is self-assured, confident and willing to have a good time without worrying about the consequences. Everything is exaggerated here, from the eyelashes to the scary neck tattoo to the challenging way she stares at the world.

2. Esmeralda Goth Style
Esmeralda was always one of Disney’s most feisty and confident heroines, and this skid row version with the skull and bones tattoo and that crazy-eyed look is more frightening than anything else. Can you imagine waking up to see her standing at the foot of your bed?


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3. Jasmine Unleashed Jasmine was the Princess and co-star of “Aladdin” and she definitely embodied girl power in her role as Aladdin’s partner. But in this version she has shed all inhibitions and modesty to show her inner spirit, including a pierced lip that aggressively showcases her independence.

4. Elsa and Anna and the Power of Sisterhood Disney has never created siblings as fiercely loyal and conflicted as Elsa and Anna, and in this neat twist on their relationship, Elsa is barely hiding a tattoo, while Anna is clad in a hoodie that covers up what we all assume is another tattoo. What a great way to show how one sister is more outgoing and the other is more modest.

5. Pocahontas Takes A Selfie The exaggerated dimensions of this version of Pocahontas is very much in keeping with a modern day woman who isn’t shy. And the notion that this proud Native American is taking a selfie tells you all you need to know about the power of social media and the navel-gazing age that we live in.

6. Ariel’s Not Her Daddy’s Girl Anymore Ariel has always been a free-spirit who yearns to see more of the world, and in this version she has shed her quiet demeanor in favor of a a punk-rock aesthetic that may just be a reflection of her inner self. Note the red crab tattoo, a tribute to her friend Sebastian.

7. Andy from Toy Story Thinks About Remodeling Woody Andy is one of the most endearing of all Disney characters, as he represents every kid who’s ever loved a particular toy that continues to have special meaning even as the kid grows up. In this version, Andy has taken on the youth trend of a nose ring, neck tattoo and ear lobe stretcher. He looks as if he wants to transform Woody as well, which probably wouldn’t be a good idea as Woody would just come to life when Andy’s gone and take it all off.

8. Ariel Gone Wild
Two more versions of Ariel, the top one as a Princess who is clearly into bling, flash and money, and the bottom one, an Ariel who looks as if she’s willing to get into all kinds of trouble that her father wouldn’t appreciate.

9. Alice Goes Grunge
Everyone knows Alice from her journey through Wonderland, but this version is Alice gone grunge, from the pink hair to the Nirvana shirt to the tattoos. This is an Alice that seems less in awe of her surroundings, and more self-aware that she can handle whatever comes her way.

10. Cinderella Doesn’t Need A Prince
This version of Cinderella looks as if she can take care of herself without any kind of Prince Charming to save the day. She’s a contradiction, though, because despite the tattoos and cigarette, her hair is tied in a bow, which is a very traditional, 1950s style.

11. Elsa Gone Dark
Elsa always has the potential of following her own path as she did in the movie, and really, it’s only her sister Anna’s influence that keeps Elsa from  going off track. This Elsa here has embraced her darker instincts and her sly smile promises mischief and trouble.

12. Pocahontas Celebrates Her Heritage
This is a strange juxtaposition of the strong and courageous Pocahontas from the Disney movie. On one hand, she is elegant and stately, but on the other hand the full bird tattoo on her neck is not traditional at all. Still, this is a woman who has fully embraced her Native American heritage.

13. Pocahontas Goes Rebel
It’s amazing how many renditions of Pocahontas there are, which may speak to how easy it is to interpret her in different ways. This version feels as if she’s a rebellious teen who thinks smoking will make her parents angry, though the Native American tattoo on her right shoulder shows that she is still very much part of her tribe.

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14. Elsa Gets Inked Elsa is the current ‘It Girl’ for Disney girl empowerment, which is why it’s not really that shocking to see this tattooed version with the nose ring and the word ‘Frozen’ inked above her left eyebrow.

15. Tiana Goes Edgy Tiana is a strange Disney character because while it’s commendable that Disney finally introduced an African-American lead princess, she isn’t really defined by a distinct characteristic. So this version doesn’t seem all that different from the movie version other than the colorful tattoos.

16. Alice Pushes the Fashion Envelope We know Disney’s Alice is a girl who likes to go on adventures and brave the unknown, and here she is getting ready to go on what appears to be a late night, club-hopping adventure in a short mini-skirt and very un-Disney-like tattoos.

17. Aladdin As Hipster Dude If you think about it, Aladdin is Disney’s version of a hipster, the classic young guy who doesn’t have a purpose or direction in his life until circumstances force him to believe in something. Here, Aladdin is decked out like a Millennial, replete with a skullcap, skull tattoos and a nose ring.

18. Tink Punk Coloring her hair green and dotting her arms with subtle tattoos, this version of Tinkerbell isn’t radically different from the movie version, though the nose ring would probably disqualify her from appearing in the next Disney flick.

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19. Mulan Punks Out
The shaved hair on one side look, purple-dyed hair, nose ring, ear lobe stretcher and tattoos are all about Mulan going punk-rock and expressing her individuality in a different way than leading her people to battle. There’s many ways to show your inner spirt, and this is one that Disney would probably veto, but Millennials with a sense of humor would love.