20 Secret Fast Food Items

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1. The Barnyard Burger
The barnyard burger is a secret menu favorite at Wendy’s. You won’t be spending more than $6 for this glorious meal. Simply order an asiago ranch chicken club and a bacon cheeseburger and combine the two. Your stomach will thank you, and so will your wallet for this cheap and easy lunch!

2. Sonic Pickle-O’s
If you’re anything like Snooki from the Jersey Shore, you love a good pickle. Fried pickles are an uncommon delicacy that the world definitely needs. Luckily, Sonic’s secret menu has the wonderful Pickle-O’s, which are pickles smothered in batter, then deep fried until they’re crisp and golden. Don’t knock them until you try them because you will love them.

3. Frito Pie
The frito pie might not look too appealing, but wait until you taste it! Dump a bag of fritos in a bowl, and drown the chips in chili and nacho cheese. Basically a messy nacho bowl, but ten times better! If you’re dying to try it for yourself, make your way over to Sonic!

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4. Arby’s Meat Mountain
The meat mountain sandwich can make you feel full just by looking at it. With chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, angus steak, corned beef, brisket, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, roast beef, and bacon, it’s difficult to believe this secret menu item actually exists! Eaters take caution, you could have a stomach ache for the next week!


5. Burger King Suicide Burger
If four patties, four slices of American cheese, bacon, and secret sauce stacked on top one another and topped with a bun sounds appealing to you, you will love the Burger King suicide burger. Though the name has a worrisome title, it’s a testament to the burger’s intensity. If you’re watching your calories, steer clear of this secret menu item.

6. In N Out Flying Dutchman
Where this burger got its name is a mystery, but we guarantee you it has nothing to do with Spongebob Squarepants! The In-N-Out flying dutchman is a burger that uses beef patties as the bun and two slices of cheese as the toppings. A very atypical meal, but one you won’t want to miss. Take plenty of napkins, because this burger is pretty messy!

7. Mega Mango Jamba Juice
Got mango fever? Just looking for a fruity refreshment to keep you cool during the summer? Jamba Juice’s secret menu is full of fruit-blended treats, but your go-to smoothie should be the mega mango! With mangoes, strawberries, pineapple juice and orange juice all blended together, you’ll fall in love with this tropical smoothie.

8. McDonalds Land Sea Air Burger
For this secret menu item from McDonald’s, you’ll need to have $10 handy as it can be costly with so many different components. You have to order three sandwiches in one, a Big Mac, filet-o-fish, and a McChicken. This massive sandwich gets its clever name from the fact that beef represents land, fish represents the sea and chicken represents the air, though it’s not quite clear what chicken has to do with air. Only the strong-willed order a side of fries with this one.

9. The Nutella Frappuccino
If you’re the type to put Nutella on everything from a sandwich to celery stalks, you just have to try it in your daily Starbucks frappuccino. Order a regular coffee frappe with one pump of hazelnut and two pumps of mocha with the whipped cream mixed in for a tall. One sip and you’re in Nutella heaven. Share this one with your Nutella-loving friends!

10. Butterbeer Frappuccino
Harry Potter’s famous butterbeer has come along way from the wizarding world to your local Starbucks! Start with a creme frappe base and whole milk, then mix in three pumps of toffee nut and three pumps of caramel syrup, and finally finish it off with caramel drizzle. You don’t have to attend Hogwarts for this one!

11. Shake Shack Ice Cream Sandwich
If you’re looking for a traditional ice cream sandwich, go to your local ice cream shop, but if you’re looking for something new, get to a Shake Shack. This secret menu ice cream sandwich is like no other. Normal toasted hamburger buns with a scoop of ice cream in between. A strange, but deliciously different delicacy!

12. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie
Chocolate covered strawberries are one of the desserts that are never as readily available as they should be. If you’re not going to a fondue party anytime soon and have a craving you just need to fill, head down to Jamba Juice to get a chocolate covered strawberry flavored smoothie! Order a chocolate moo’d smoothie and ask for a scoop of strawberries to be blended in. Thank us later!

13. Thin Mint Frappuccino
Craving those addicting thin mint Girl Scout cookies that you can’t find in stores? As long as a Starbucks is within driving distance you can satiate your craving! Simply order a Tazo green tea creme frappuccino then add chocolate syrup and java chips. Ta-da! A thin mint delicacy at your fingertips!

14. Grand Slam Burger
The grand slam burger is only for those who are mighty enough to handle it. The one pound stack of hamburger is a meal for two, maybe even three, but intended for a single person. To get this enormous cheeseburger, order the three-quarter pounder and ask for two extra patties. If you can stomach it, you absolutely deserve bragging rights!

15. In-N-Out Neapolitan Milkshake
You just can’t say no to an In-N-Out milkshake, but the one question you might ponder is which flavor to pick. For you and friends who can’t decide on a single flavor, there’s a simple solution, the In-N-Out Neapolitan, which combines all three of the restaurant’s vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. Your indecisiveness has never lead to a better decision!


16. Jack In The Box Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger
If you’ve never had a cheeseburger on a ciabatta bun you have no idea what you’re missing! The ciabatta bacon cheeseburger used to be an item featured on the available menu, but is now a hot commodity on the hidden menu. Ask for a bacon cheeseburger, and request a ciabatta roll. Not all Jack In The Boxes have them, but if you find one that does, be sure to make that your new spot! You’ll have a hankering for this burger again the second you devour it!

17. In-N-Out Animal Style Fries
As one of the most popular and loved items on In-N-Out’s secret menu, the animal fries should be on every customer’s order list. What’s a burger without a side of fries? Spice them up animal style with the restaurants secret sauce, melted cheese and grilled onions. You’ll leave absolutely stuffed and looking for an excuse to come back soon for round two!

18. Jamba Juice Pink Starburst
When you’ve got a package of Starbursts, everyone knows that the pink chewy candy is the best and always reserved for you if you’re sharing. Turn your favorite Starburst into a smoothie that will last more than just a few seconds! All you’ll need to ask for is lemonade, soymilk, raspberry sherbet, strawberries, and frozen yogurt all perfectly blended together.You’ll never order another kind of smoothie from Jamba Juice after trying this life-changing flavor!

19. Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger
Haven’t had enough of the Shake Shack secret menu? Great, because there’s always more to uncover! The peanut butter and bacon burger is arguably the most delicious burger the hidden menu has to offer. Order the usual bacon shackburger, then ask for a side of peanut butter spread. Evenly distribute the spread on the beef patty before putting it all back together. Take a bite and let the nutty goodness sink in. A definite must-try!

20. McDonalds McGangBang
Though it may not sound terribly appealing, the McDonald’s McGangBang is a meal you won’t regret trying. You’ll only need $5 to purchase a McDouble and a McChicken. Insert the McChicken in between the beef patties of the McDouble and voila! Double the meat, double the fun, and for the price, you really can’t beat the McGangBang.