20 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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1. Silk Pajamas Can Make Any Girl Happy
Women tend to like anything made of silk, so buying silk pajamas is a nice, elegant way to say thank you. Silk pajamas are available in different thread counts, so you can buy really expensive ones, or settle for something affordable that still has the distinct feel of silk.

2. E-Readers for the Win
Electronic readers have become a must-have mobile accessory that pairs well with a smartphone. And since they were first introduced, e-readers have become so much more affordable, with many starting at $99. E-readers are compact, sleek and ultra-modern, and they are incredibly unique gifts to give your bridesmaids!

3. Engraved Headphones
Buy your bridesmaids a pair of elegant headphones with engraved names. You don’t have to go for something big and bulky, because many retailers now sell smaller, more elegant headphones made exclusively for women.

4. Every Girl Loves Champagne
To keep the wedding theme going, buy your bridesmaids a pair of champagne bottles. You should make sure the label isn’t something cheap, but you also don’t have to break the bank. The presentation is the key with champagne, not the fact that you spent $39, so choose a label that prides itself on visual appeal.

5. Monogrammed Paper
Women love sending notes, so a set of monogrammed cards is the perfect gift that is classy and practical at the same time. You can choose to just monogram the paper with the first letter in each bridesmaid’s surname, or use the entire name of each person.

6. Can’t Go Wrong With Candles
You can never go wrong with a nice set of candle holders, just make sure you buy a set that features different shapes and designs so that each candle holder feels like a well-thought out gift as opposed to a set that’s all the same, which looks more homogenous.

7. Custom Friendship Bracelets
Harken back to your more carefree days, and give each of your bridesmaids a friendship bracelet like the ones you used to make for each other when you were kids. Friendship bracelets are a throwback that shows your girls how much you value their companionship over the years.

8. Champagne Glasses
Some brides like to pair these glasses off with the actual champagne, but why double down when you’ve spent so much money on the wedding as it is? Try to spice up the kind of champagne glasses you buy by either having them engraved, or buying a non-traditional style, such as frosted glasses.

9. Digital Picture Frame With Photos
Give each bridesmaid a digital picture frame loaded with photos from your past as a single woman who enjoyed having a good time with her girlfriends. By selecting photos that tell the story of the friendship between you and each of your bridesmaids, you create a unique and touching memorial to your relationships.

10. Initial Platinum Pendant Necklace
Buy an initial platinum pendant necklace for each bridesmaid, using the first letter of each girl’s first name. Platinum is a durable material that retains its value better than silver, and it feels more postmodern than a gold pendant, which feels slightly passé.

11. Love Ring for the Ones You Love
A love ring is simply a ring with the word ‘love’ shaped into the ring loop. You can buy love rings in gold, platinum and silver, and you can add a tiny diamond if you want to make the gift really special. Gold love rings with a small diamond are available for about $100.

12. Designer Tea
Your bridesmaids will enjoy a can of high-end organic tea leaves that come in elegant shapes. Tea has become the new coffee, so buying your girls some designer tea shows that you’re aware of the postmodern change in breakfast-drink habits.

13. Monogrammed Straw Slippers
For those cold days when your girls want to snuggle in a warm robe, straw slippers are a nice touch to complete a morning ensemble. Monogram each slipper with the first and last initial of each bridesmaid to add a nice personal touch.

14. Leather Cosmetic Case
Nothing says thank you like a leather cosmetic case that you can also stuff with a small package of goodies such as lotions, creams and lip balm. If you don’t have ‘leather money,’ then spring for a standard cosmetic case that is stuffed with a bottle of perfume for each of your special girls.

15. Song Lyric Necklaces
To commemorate your bridesmaids’ favorite song, engrave a heart-shaped necklace with lyrics from songs you know they love. There are some pre-made necklaces on the market, but making ones from songs that have special meaning for each bridesmaid is truly a unique gift.

16. Monogrammed Tote Bag
Tote bags are a simple but practical gift that has each of your bridesmaid’s initials monogrammed on the inside of the bag. It’s a nice way for your girls to remember your big day each time they take the bag to the beach or to some other destination.

17. 12 Month Supply of Beauty Samples
Order a custom set of cosmetic samples for a full year for each of your bridesmaids. These are specialized subscription samples that are delivered once a month to your bridesmaids for a full year. You can choose sets that include samples such as makeup remover, blush, concealer and eyeshadow.

18. Stunning Robes for Your Stunning Bridesmaids
Nothing says warm and comfy than a robe made of wool, silk or flannel, and with hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, you can select something different for each bridesmaid so that they feel all feel special, instead of feeling as if they are part of a package gift if the robes are all the same.

19. Spa Treatment
Treat your bridesmaids to a spa treatment that they can do together or on an individual basis. What woman doesn’t enjoy a good spa treatment that includes a massage, facial and mani/pedi? You may even want to get one for yourself, while you’re at it.

20. Their Dresses
Sounds simple, right? But you’d be surprised how many brides don’t spring for their bridesmaid’s dresses. It never made sense why the bride wouldn’t pony up the dough to buy dresses for people she invited to her wedding, but it happens a lot, so buck the trend and give a gift that will be very much appreciated.