20 Ways To Cheat on a Test

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1. Band Aid
The space might be limited on a band aid, but the stealth factor is not. Jot down some key notes to remember onto the inside of a band aid and stick it wherever you see fit. Rest assured your teacher won’t ask you to see your booboo.

2. Ear Phones
This one is highly effective when properly executed. Obviously your teacher won’t be allowing you to wear your earphones in class, so it is vital that you remember to wear long sleeves on test day. Record everything you need to know onto the device of your choice. Before entering class, slide your earphones up through your shirt and to the end of your sleeve. Once the test comes, rest your head upon your sleeve and listen to the sweet sound of an A+.

3. Signals
This one requires teamwork. Before class, collaborate with a classmate on what you want your signals to be. You should keep it simple and use one cough or desk tap for A, two for B, three for C, etc. This leaves your teacher no evidence to bust you with. It is important that your partner is smart.


4. Bookbag
It’s all about timing. Fill your bookbag with notes and leave it slightly open nearby. When your teacher looks away, take a peek at your treasure chest of correct answers.

5. Water Bottle Label
Write down your notes on the inside of a water bottle label. If you are allowed to bring your own water bottle into the testing room, this is one of the best cheats because no one would suspect a water bottle would be the key to cheating. No one will be able to see the answers but you. It’s just you and your water bottle. Are you thirsty for an A?

6. Graphing Calculator
The graphing calculator has an inbuilt notepad where you can type in anything you need to know for test day. You can always clear your screen if your teacher walks by, it won’t delete your notes. Utilize the graphing calculator, you won’t regret it.

7. Reflective Folder Cover
Invest in a folder with a reflective surface! You can “carve” your notes into the cover with any sharp object of your choice. The keenest eyed teacher in your school won’t have a chance at spotting this nifty illusion.

8. Watch Your Watch
Write your notes on a tiny piece of paper, and then fold it underneath your watch. When your teacher looks away, pull it out and take a peak. What time is it? Test time.

9. The leg Smother
This is one of the sneakiest ways to cheat. You have to be positioned before the teacher starts handing out the tests. Simply slide your notes beneath the side if your leg. Remove the notes and take a gander accordingly.

10. Rubber Band
Stretch a rubber band around a textbook. As your band is stretched, write down your notes on the inside of it while making sure your letters are close together. When you return your band to original size, you will have what appears to look like little black boxes designed on it. When the time comes, stretch your band and reveal its secrets.

11. Tissue box
No right-minded teacher will suspect a sick student as a cheater. Write your notes on a tissue and stick it in your tissue box. When you don’t know an answer, blow your nose accordingly. Get well soon!

12. Scratch Paper
Is your teacher allowing you to use scratch paper to help gather your thoughts during test time? If so, prep your piece of scratch paper ahead of time with notes. Be sure to write them lightly. It’s also important that you pretend to be writing on it during the test to limit any suspicion your teacher might have. In the case that you have to hand in your scratch paper with the test, make sure you have a dummy paper handy beneath your cheat sheet.

13. ID Badge
Wear your ID badge around your neck on test day. Write your notes and stick them on the back side whichever way works for you. The badge will fall into your when you sit, and you’ll be able to stealthily flip your badge over when the time comes. Be careful not to leave your badge flipped on the wrong side!

14. Long Sleeves
Write your notes onto a small piece of paper, and then slip it into the end of your long sleeve. Once your teacher looks away, slide the notes half-way out of your sleeve and take a look. It wouldn’t hurt to practice your technique ahead of time.

15. Dictionary
Have a dictionary handy for the test. You can simply write your notes onto small pieces of paper and stick them into your dictionary, so long as you remember the page numbers! Tape them to said pages in case you have a gut feeling that your teacher will be flipping through every one to expose you. This way they won’t fall out.

16. See Through Binder
Write your notes on a sheet of paper and put this cheat sheet at the front of your binder. When the test starts, have the binder beneath your feet on the floor. Step on the binder and increase the visibility of your notes 100%.

17. Ruler
Write your notes on the backside of a ruler. Flip it over when you need some answers. Remember, even if you get caught, teachers aren’t allowed to hit you with them anymore.

18. Mechanical Pencil
Create a small cheat sheet, roll it up, and stuff it through the top of a mechanical pencil after you remove your eraser. You can act like your lead has run out at any point, and then slide your notes out of the pencil in a swift manner. The thicker the lead that the pencil takes, the better.

19. Texting
This may be a daring tactic, but the effectiveness is non-debatable. Pair up with a smart friend and text each other the answers. Make sure you can do it short-handedly. The less time per text, the better your chances of not getting caught.

20. Evidence Disposal
Most of these methods require handling incriminating evidence that you could easily leave behind if you aren’t too careful. Always remember to crumble up your notes after they have fulfilled their needs, and then dispose of them somewhere outside of the classroom. As we all know, the effectiveness of these methods can vary based on the competence of your teacher. Study these tactics thoroughly and prepare for glory.