25 Celebrities Who Lost Weight

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1. Ariana Grande
While it frequently goes unnoticed, Ariana Grande has lost a great amount of weight since her days as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon. Ariana  was never plump, but after deciding to adopt a vegan diet, she started to drop pounds, most noticeably in her legs and arms. Ariana looks fabulous, no matter what people may think of her attitude.

2. Raven Symone
Ex Disney star Raven Symone’s before and after pictures are inspiring; its as if confidence and self-worth radiate through her skin! After shedding 70 pounds, Symone still looks totally sexy and curvaceous. She credits her successful transformation to extensive daily elliptical workouts and a diet without bacon! Difficult, but worth it!

3. Snooki
The 4’11 mom of two made her claim to fame on the MTV hit reality show “Jersey Shore.” On the show, she  was frequently called a meatball because of her short and stout figure. In 2012, she lost a lot of weight, and by 2013, she sported an athletic and fit frame that made jaws drop. And with her brilliant new red hairstyle, no one could get enough of her new look!

4. Miley Cyrus
Miley is another celeb who lost weight without really needing to do so for health reasons. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cyrus revealed that she dropped down to 108 pounds! The “We Can’t Stop” singer looks pretty thin for a woman who is 5’5,” but if she is comfortable in her body that’s all that matters! Cyrus is a sexy, confident woman who knows how to push the right social media buttons, and we’re happy to see her happy!

5. Khloe Kardashian
The youngest Kardashian sister had a hard time keeping up with her fitness regimen a few years back, but as frequently showcased on her Instagram account, Khloe’s workout routine is a priority for her. Over the years, the tallest Kardashian sister has been trying to shed weight and these days it seems as though her hard work has finally paid off. Her enviable hourglass figure is the result of hard core cardio training and waist training. Watch out Kim, Khloe is looking hotter than ever.

6. Jennifer Hudson
The former American Idol star sported a heftier look back on the competitive stage. Even when she won an Academy Award for the 2006 film “Dream Girls,” Hudson still appeared a little heavy. Then in 2010, her waist was noticeably smaller on the red carpet and by 2011, she had completed her transformation! Going from a size 16 to a size 6 might have taken a few years, but JHud looks stunning and healthy!

7. Adele
During Adele’s ascension to fame, she was frequently teased for her full figure, but quickly shut people up when she showcased those magnificent vocal pipes. In 2014, the 10-time Grammy winner stepped onto a red carpet 61 pounds lighter! We haven’t heard from Adele in ages now, but we can’t wait for her to return from her hiatus!

8. Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen is one of Hollywood’s funniest comedians and a definite favorite male redhead! In his first leading role in 2007’s “Knocked Up,” Rogen was the fat guy who knocks up a gorgeous blonde woman played by Katherine Heigl. Realizing his weight was the subject of ridicule, Rogen lost over 30 pounds on celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Diet. Seth looks dapper with his trim body!

9. Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert has looked blonde and beautiful for as long as we can remember. In 2013, the country star underwent a three year weight loss metamorphosis. By changing her diet and working out, Lambert dropped 45 pounds and got back the figure she had in her 20s! In 2015, Miranda, the wife of country superstar Blake Shelton, has maintained her gorgeous physique.

10. Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott shocked the nation when she stepped out from her public hiatus looking like a brand new person. Elliott attributes her incredible 30 pound weight loss to the work of Shaun T’s “Insanity” fitness program. We barely recognized Elliott with her athletic build! You go girl!

11. Jonah Hill
The “Wolf Of Wall Street” and “21 Jump Street” star used to be a rather round actor, but in 2012 he decided to change his lifestyle. ‘I just had a moment in my life where I said I wanted to become a man. And that means with my career, that means with my health,’ Jonah told a correspondent from ABC News. Ladies across the globe could not take their eyes of Mr. Hill!

12. Kelly Osbourne
The former “Fashion Police” co-host has lost a remarkable amount of weight over the past few years. Osbourne has always been stylish and fashion forward, but her weight had been up and down for as long as she has been in the limelight. These days, Osbourne has maintained her 50 pound weight loss with exercise and a healthy diet, and looks fresh and fashionable.

13. Josh Peck
While working for Nickelodeon on his comedic show Drake & Josh, Peck was an adorable, lovable, and overweight young man. However in 2012, Peck made a beach appearance revealing a toned body, 110 pounds less than his heavy weight peak. With the help of a personal trainer and a customized diet, Peck steadily lost the weight over a couple of years!

14. Giuliana Rancic
Rancic has been under intense public scrutiny as her body continues to dwindle down to skin and bones. She claims that she has tried tirelessly to put on more weight, but nothing works. As Rancic told Dr. Oz, ‘I’m just trying to get some more definition, because I want a little bit of curve, I want to be sexy. And right now, it’s killing me to look in the mirror.’  We’re rooting for you, Giuliana!

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15. Patrick Stump
The frontman for Fall Out Boy was completely unrecognizable after returning from a long hiatus in 2011. Not only did Stump reveal news regarding a solo album, he showed off his new body, 60 pounds lighter than before. How did he do it? Portion control and exercise. He claims to have realized that American portion sizes were absolutely enormous, so he just needed to cut them in half!

16. Kimora Lee Simmons
Simmons was never overweight by any means, but like any mother, she put on a few pounds after giving birth to four children. By losing 25 pounds, Simmons looks younger than ever, making her one of Hollywood’s hottest mamas! We’re envious of her incredibly resilient genes!

17. Mama June
Better known as the mother of Honey Boo Boo, Mama June used to weigh over 350 pounds before her impressive 100 pound weight loss! She is still a massive 260 pounds, but is looking happier and healthier. She’s even got her daughter on board; Honey Boo Boo herself has recently shed eight pounds. Kudos to the family for adopting healthier lifestyles!

18. Perez Hilton
What would Hollywood gossip be without the one and only Perez Hilton? The popular blogger first hit the Internet as a doughy guy with extravagantly-colored hair. Over the years and as his base as grown, Hilton has worked diligently to get his weight down. Having lost more than 90 pounds, Perez credits ‘doing it the old fashioned way,’ eating less and exercising more, for his amazing weight loss story. Flaunt that six pack, Perez!

19. Rick Ross
Like fellow rapper French Montana, Rick Ross credits his incredible weight loss to CrossFit, or what he likes to call ‘RossFit’. The 38 year-old is notorious for his big belly and deep voice, but after shedding 100 pounds, Ross can focus on maintaining his healthy regimen and rhyming. Ross claims that his eating choices have not changed, he he just eats smaller portions.

20. Amanda Seyfried
On an interview with Ellen, Seyfried opened up about her weight loss. ‘I looked way better when I was 15. I had beautiful huge breasts and then I came to Hollywood and I was like I got to lose weight. I got to look thin and fit and I lost them a little bit’. Though Seyfried seemed bitter about losing her more curvy figure, she later said that she didn’t mind so much anymore. We still think the “Mean Girls” star looks hotter than ever!

21. Taylor Momsen
Having played both Cindy Who and Jenny Humphrey, Taylor Momsen has seen her share of the big screen. When Momsen and some musical pals decided to form ‘The Pretty Reckless,’ a rock band with Momsen as the lead singer, her new style and weight was the talk of the TV and music world. Photos showed that Momsen had lost a significant number of pounds, as her bony structure became more pronounced, but she told a daytime talk show host that she simply walks a lot and has a naturally thin body inherited from her mother. As long as she’s happy and healthy, we think Momsen looks fab!

22. Christian Bale
The muscled hunk lost around 65 pounds for his role as an insomniac in “The Machinist.” Employing the techniques of a Method actor, Bale stayed dedicated to his strict diet of salad, gum and oatmeal paste in order to achieve this sickly look. But after filming, Mr. Bale returned to his toned physique!

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23. French Montana
French Montana has been on his #turbogrind lately as seen on his Instagram. The rapper posted a picture of himself looking fine and fit with his tan skin and sexy six pack. When Montana was in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian, he made frequent appearances on the Kardashian’s reality show sporting a more full-figured body. Since then, CrossFit has done the “Don’t Panic” rapper a lot of good!

24. Ashlee Simpson
Like most mothers who just gave birth to a child, Ashlee Simpson put on quite a bit of baby weight, 50 pounds in fact! But Simpson had no shame in her game, and admitted that eating cupcakes and fattening desserts was a blast!  When she decided it was time to get back in shape, she changed her eating habits and made it a point to hit the gym for at least 30 minutes a day! Hubby Evan Ross is a lucky guy!

25. Keira Knightley
Time after time, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress has been under fire for appearing to suffer from anorexia. At 5’7”, Keira Knightley weighs a measly 119 pounds. Throughout the years, fans and onlookers have watched as Knightley’s weight has plummeted, causing even her husband to worry. She still manages to smile and look gorgeous, but we hope Keira stays healthy!