25 Ways to Tell if Your Significant Other is The One

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1. You Are Afraid
If you find that you are somewhat afraid in this relationship, that is a huge sign that this person is actually the “one” for you. Lust is simple, but love is a scary thing if it’s real. Truly loving someone and committing to spend the rest of your life with one person can scare the heck out of anyone! Now, if you are afraid to the point where you are in fear for your life, that’s a different story!

2. You Can’t Imagine Anyone Else
You hit the jackpot! There isn’t possibly another person you could imagine spending your days (and nights) with. Their flaws have disappeared and become what you love about them, in addition to all the other things on the list. If you look at other people who you could “potentially” be with or if you reflect back to past relationships and none of those people even compare, well then, you really don’t have much of a choice then do you? Sounds like this person is a keeper.

3. You Trust Them More Than Anyone
Trusting someone with everything can be a hard and scary thing. For some people, it’s even more difficult if you’ve been hurt or had someone break the trust you once had with them in the past. It can be hard to give your thoughts and feelings and secrets to someone else, but if you feel 100% confident and safe with sharing everything with this person, they just may be someone you need to keep around.

4. You Are Already Planning Your Future Together
This may be the most important item on the list! If the two of you have already discussed future plans like, ooooh, marriage, perhaps? Then you may have found someone who you could spend the rest of your days with. If someone is not in it for the long-term, or if someone is not ready for that kind of serious commitment, they will likely avoid discussing things like engagements and marriage. It’s a good sign if this has been discussed. Remember guys, it’s your job to bring up that conversation in a relationship!

5. You are Your True Self Around Your Partner

If you feel free to be exactly who you are around your partner, there’s a good chance you’ve found the one for you. You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to put up a front around the person you will likely live with forever (hopefully). You can be yourself when you’re upset, and you can also be yourself when you’re feeling goofy with no judgements.

6. Your Friends and Family Approve
Number one is that you approve of your partner, of course, but we all know it’s extremely important that this person gets along with both your family and also your close circle of friends. Nothing is worse than dating someone your entire family can’t stand to be around. You want someone who can mesh in with the people you love, or at least love you enough to “tolerate” them if they are hard to handle, which is often the case. Can I get an amen?

7. Compromise Is Happening
Everyone argues or disagrees. Sometimes those arguments are settled civilly, while other times the heat of the moment takes over. You and your significant other have managed to set feuds aside, at least most of the time, and find common ground by compromising. Compromise is SO important when it comes to finding that person who could be your “forever”… not to be cheesy or anything!’

8. Even Your Families Get Along
If both sides of your families are hitting it off, you know it’s right. This doesn’t always happen, trust me. However, if your families are already planning  beach trip this summer together, you may have found the right person for you.

9. You Cherish Significant Moments in Time
Yes, you’ve started celebrating the “real” holidays together. For example, you do it big when one of your birthdays come up… or you celebrate the big anniversaries like 1 year +. Perhaps you’ve even started splitting up Christmas and hopping from one house to the next so both of you can share the holiday with your family, but also together. This is a big sign that things are getting serious.

10. Your Kids Love Your Partner and Vice Versa
This obviously only applies to those who may have already gotten the whole “family” thing started. If you already have kids and they absolutely ADORE your partner, perhaps even more than you do, you may have found your true soulmate. Sometimes it can be hard to find someone to settle down with after the fact of having children. If you’ve found someone who not only accepts that you have kids, but loves to be with them, don’t let them go!

11. They Make You Happy… Really Happy

If your partner makes you happier than you ever thought you could be, he or she is the one. You can’t stop smiling, people are asking you why you are glowing. Are you pregnant? Did you get lucky? No, you just found your soulmate, that’s all! If your partner is aware of your needs and pays attention to the little details of what makes you truly happy, never let them get away from you.

12. No Red Flags… No Funny Feelings
Sometimes, when you are in a bad relationship that just shouldn’t be happening, you’ll get either flashing red flags telling you to run the other way as fast as you can, or you’ll just have that funny feeling that something is just not quite right with this person. If you don’t feel those things, there’s a chance that is because you have no reason to. This person may be perfect for you.

13. R-E-S-P-E-C-T… It’s There
Yep, you’ve found out what it means to you. Sorry to get Aretha Franklin stuck in your head, but if this person shows you respect and treats you like a queen or a king (depending on your gender, of course), you’ve found the perfect one for you. Your partner goes out of his or her way to make sure you feel respected, as you should. This is something that is rare today, so if this is in your relationship, you just may be with your soulmate.

14. I’ve Been Bitten…
Yes, yes, we are quoting “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie. You’ve been bitten by the love bug. You feel like you are floating on cloud nine, even if you’ve been dating for years now. This is a given sign that, well, you are with the person you are meant to be with. Enjoy that feeling. It’s something that should last forever!

15. Can’t Stay Away From Each Other
This person brings out the best in you. That being said, even when you are in the worst mood ever, you would much rather be with this person than alone. That says a lot. This person is open to listen to you vent when you are having a bad day and also knows how to make things better, even if it’s as simple as watching your favorite movie or buying you your favorite bottle of wine.


16. You Share with Each Other
Couples share, but you two share everything! Sometimes it’s even a bit gross from the outsider’s perspective, but that’s okay. A true testament of love is the perverted nuances a couple shares with one another in a loving bond. Now, if you are sharing toothbrushes, there might be a deeper issue. That’s a bit gross, honestly!

17. Everything Is Special

Little things like going to the doctor or running down the road to the grocery store are just more special because your significant other is with you. It’s that simple, they just add that bit of sunshine to your life that wasn’t there before. Everything, no matter how mundane, is special!

18. “I Love You” Actually Means Something
You are truly in love. When you tell your significant other that you love them you actually mean it (wait, you mean people fake it?). You look them dead in the eye and affirm your love to them, and when they do the same, you know they mean it. Love is sometimes a word that is just thrown around without meaning or to get something out of it. When you know they mean it, they may be the one!

19. You Remember Every Detail

You could be the most forgetful person in the world, but you remember every single detail about this person. Why? Because you care. Because you love them. Because they are the one (just mayyyyybe!)… this is a sure sign that you may can count this person in for good. Just make sure they feel the same about you!

20. You Miss Them When They Are Gone
This one is a dead giveaway, or at least it should be! When they are away from you for extended periods of time, you long for them to return. You actually miss them and it is not just from boredom. You may feel freedom for a day or so, but after 24 hours (if even), you are ready for them to return!

21. Openness Is Key to You Both
Being open is one of the most important things to have in a relationship. Especially if the two of you are serious about things. You should be able to share basically everything with one another. If you feel safe enough to be open with your partner, then you may be in luck!

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22. Fair Fighting
Your significant other isn’t absolutely unreasonable when there are fights. Yes, if you haven’t fought yet, the fights WILL come, trust me. It’s natural in any relationship. The important thing is what is said during these fights and how it is handled. If this person does not blow up and say things that they don’t mean, meaning if they do not have a bad temper, they may be the one for you.

23. They Are Fun and They Make You Have Fun
One of the most important things in a relationship is that you are having fun. The two of you should be having a blast together, and it really shouldn’t matter what you are doing. Whether you are at a party, walking around the park, or going to see a movie, the two of you enjoy each other’s company so much that everything is fun! This is a huge sign they are the one!

24. You Have Been Through Everything, Good and Bad
At this point in your life with your significant other, what else could go wrong? You have been through everything together. You have had your ups and downs, and you have emerged from those ashes  to become an even stronger couple with more love and support for each other. You belong together and know you can work through anything.

25. You Support Each Other’s Dreams and Wishes
Great couples can last forever when they support the goals, dreams, wishes and accomplishments of their partner. If you two do this with ease, or at least are making a great effort at doing so, you are right on track. It is important for each individual in the relationship to feel validated. If your partner wants to venture off to a brand new career path, support that. If it’s their dream, it should become yours. If this is the case, you’ve found the one!