31 Adorable Promposals That Will Probably Make You Cringe

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With school close to starting up again, it’s worth taking a look back at the memories and friends we’ve made throughout our school careers. Who can forget prom? Prom is often thought of as one of the biggest milestones of someone’s high school career and it’s an exciting time for everyone involved on campus- if you went, that is. But even though prom has been considered such an important milestone for decades, it was treated as a relatively low-key affair. You asked out a girl and then, for two hours, you awkwardly danced with her, drank too much punch, and hoped she didn’t notice how bad you were sweating. Nowadays, kids go to the extreme when it comes to asking out a girl, setting up elaborate promposals that are often more elaborate than marriage proposals. Here’s some of the wackiest, weirdest, and oddly sweetest promposals we’ve seen.

1. Lego to Prom?
On paper it sounds like a fantastic idea. But it’s all fun and games until blocks fall off the poster and she steps on them in the middle of the night. Still, at least this happy couple went for a relatively easy and inexpensive route. The pun is a little painful (Lego to prom, anyone) but she’s fallen hook, line and sinker for it which is at least what he seems to be going for.

2. When Pigs Fly
Okay, so there’s definitely a good idea behind this one. Without seeing the note on the box, I might be a little worried about why he’s using pig balloons to ask a girl out (most girls don’t take kindly to being compared to pigs in any capacity), but the note ties everything together. It’s a creative set-up. This guy definitely won all the proms.

3. A Little Chicken
Everyone (excluding sad vegetarians) likes chicken nuggets. But we’re not sure if fancy necklaces, promposals and greasy fast food snacks mix. Wouldn’t the necklace get greasy? Wouldn’t the chicken nuggets’ delectable skin be tarnished every so slightly by the subtle crunches of rhinestones? Either way, hope they brought the barbecue sauce and the honey mustard because those nuggets aren’t going to eat themselves.

4. Cheese Be My Date
So more food promposals. But at least this guy didn’t try to stick jewelry in the mix. In this regard, this guy’s more successful. He doesn’t appeal to her stereotypical love of jewels but instead appeals to something more important- ravenous hunger. Sorry, guy, but we’ll come along too if it means free pizza.

5. Shoes Were Made for Walking
Okay, so we guess the idea’s kind of…cute, if a little too saccharine. But one has to wonder how much effort he actually went to. Did he get her shoe size? Because we can’t imagine any possible situation where asking that wouldn’t get us punched in the face. Or did he just pick up some random pair of shoes and throw that sign in?

6. Ivory Ella Promposal

Alright, so I guess he did address the elephant in the room. And as a concept, he struck gold. But man, what would he have done if she said no? Walk sadly home, with a bunch of elephants hanging around? Thankfully, she said yes. Because an elephant never forgets. Man, that came out bad.

Ivory Ella Promposal.

7. At Least He Didn’t Strike Out
Well, at least he didn’t “strike out”. Otherwise, his friends have to walk around wearing those shirts and he’s got a now ruined baseball to deal with. At least she said yes, so…it’s a home run?

8. A Whale of a Date
As “The Simpsons” proved, comparing women to whales doesn’t usually go over well. At least this girl was up for it. Hopefully they’ll have a “whale of a time”, otherwise there’s no use carting around a giant paper whale.

9. Donuts Are the Bomb
Alright, so we give this guy some props for his rhyming skills. Unlike some of the other promposals on here, at least it wasn’t painful to read. And, of course, here’s some food again. You have to give these guys some credit, they know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But wouldn’t the paper get all greasy and pock-marked with chocolate?

10. Winging It
Here’s another promposer with food on the brain. But this time he knows how to appeal to everyone with some good old Buffalo chicken wings, complete with ranch and celery. It’s a promposal everyone can admire. No one can hate on wings, unless you’re a complete weenie, so at least he’s got good taste in prom dates.

11. Ticketed to Prom
When jamiadler asked out her boyfriend to prom, she had a slightly devious plan in mind. Thankfully, she got a police officer friend to cooperate. But we can’t imagine this usually goes over well in most situations. We’re both in awe and afraid when we think of how this woman would give a marriage proposal.

12. Spelling it Out
Enlisting your friends is one thing. Getting practically everyone to join in is another thing altogether. Does this speak more to the idea that the promposer has influence or that he happens to know a bunch of peer-pressure addled idiots? Well, hopefully the floor’s been waxed recently. Otherwise, I can’t imagine that’s a lot of fun to lay there for what feels like hours while a teenage girl screams about how much thought her boyfriend put into her promposal.

13. Ice, Ice Baby
There’s one concession if his date says no. He’s got amazing ice sculpting skills, which should really do him some good going forward. Otherwise, that’s a cool promposal (no pun intended). Hopefully, she did say yes. That’s a lot of effort to go to for prom. Almost makes ‘pig-balloon’ guy look like an underachiever.

14. Its Too Late
Okay, girl. Run. I mean, I dunno if this is just because I’ve read too many true-crime procedurals but isn’t that the kind of thing a budding kidnapper would write? What does he do if she says no? Maybe we’re thinking too hard about this but my brain’s bleeding after reading that, I have to do something, anything to keep my brain from sliding out of my ears.

15. Candid Shots
So we guess it’s not the worst way to go about a promposal. For one, it’s cheap. If she likes you, she keeps it in her hope chest (or whatever women do, I have no idea). If not, it goes in the fire pit and gets forgotten about. Cheesy but I guess girls go nuts over stuff like this.

16. Ninja Prom
So if Gwen here says no, then the idea is for her to do a backflip. What is she, a ninja? If your date’s a ninja you have better things to worry about then whether the punch is going to be spiked and what time her parents want her home. Geez, high expectations, much?

17. Putting Her to the Test
And here’s another inspired promposal. High schoolers today are swamped with public testing. So why not make the best of it? This guy has the right idea. Although let’s hope she circles the right answer for ‘yes’. And remembered to use a number 2 pencil.

18. Poker King/Queen
Alright, so this ‘proposal’ isn’t technically a promposal. It’s a homecoming proposal but the same rules apply. Poker kings made need a poker queen (did I get that right?) but hopefully she’s not putting on her poker face when she tells you how awesome she thinks this idea was.

19. You Have to be “Kitten” Me
Okay, so the puns are a little painful. But her heart’s in the right place and she’s pawing for him to go to prom with her (okay, sorry). Either way, guess it’s an okay idea although one should always be suspicious of giant van paperings.

20. NO.
No, don’t do it. Stop using your dirty truck as an excuse to ask cute girls out to prom. Clean your truck. That’ll make you more appealing to the ladies. With that said, there is something oddly romantic about this.

Come on, Jacob. You’d be an idiot (or dumber than a zombie) to say no. She’s cute, she’s a zombie fan, and she’s got a clever promposal idea. Now use your brains and say yes.

22. Post-It No
Let me tell you all a story. I was riding down 1-80 when all of a sudden, a herd of post-it notes fluttered through the air and landed on my windshield. Someone had left an array of birthday well wishes on their car, all on Post-it notes. Post-it notes on your car. It’s really not so cute when you’re flying down the road at 60+ miles-per-hour and you’ve got a storm of paper weaving and flying in the wind.

23. Tele-Promter
Most people reserve the teleprompter for occasions like marriage proposals. But with the right connections even prom proposals can be jazzed up with a little tele prompting. Hopefully she said yes. Otherwise you just look like you’re overcompensating.

24. He’s Dying to Take You
Now homecoming’s becoming as elaborate as prom and we’ll be seeing a whole new crop of elaborate homecoming proposals (homeprosals?) Guess he’s really dying to take her out but we can’t help but feel he almost put too much effort into an event that’s basically like a smaller version of prom with more sports and cheerleaders.

25. A Chemical Romance
Okay, so it’s a good pun. And if she’s a self-professed science geek then you’ve won an edge over her. Not only is this promposal cheap but it’s not overcompensating, it appeals to what she likes, and it’s kind of clever when you think about it.

26. Or You Could Do This
Or you could go for the easy route and just hit up Taco Bell a few times until you pick up a semi-relevant packet of hot sauce. Taco Bell even offers ample opportunities to bring marriage into the occasion. What’s not to like from a barely-edible taco chain?

27. Ultimate Wing-Men
There’s two points of criteria that have to be met here for this to work. For one, you have to have friends. And two of them need to have better upper arm strength than a wet noodle. You do that and you have yourself a prom proposal that certainly makes an impression on both her and your Instagram account.

28. Light Up His World
Okay, so it’s not a bad idea. One just has to wonder if the bed’s going to smell like burning fabric if she lets it sit for too long. Tea lights, at the very least, are the cheapest way to get a girl’s jaw to drop so take notes, guys. All in all, he’s got a good idea going but hopefully that paint’s easy to wash off those baseballs.

29. Revenge of the Prom Date
Here’s another way to ask out your prom date. Pay the $100+ admission to get into a theme park. Wait for two hours in a queue. Ride the ride and hope you get seated in the middle. Then maybe, just maybe, your date will say yes.

30. Love on the Highway
There’s only one way this promposal works. One, she has to be driving down that highway at a certain time. Two, she’s gotta bother looking up at some point. Also, you better drop a few hints otherwise she’s going to be wondering why some random promposal sign is hitched up on a bridge.

31. Appealing to Her Sensitivities
You really want to appeal to her feminine senses? Make her a bracelet. She’ll be all over you, she’s got some new wrist candy to sport, and you’re not going to be standing awkwardly in the corner by the punch bowl the whole night or going along with friends and pretending to have a good time.