30 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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1. Beyoncé
Queen Bey went through many stages in her life, but she never lost sight of her dreams. From an early age, Beyoncé knew that she belonged on a stage singing, dancing, performing for audiences of all sizes. Though she was raised in Texas, Yoncé made it to Hollywood, and she has the pop music industry under her belt.This schoolgirl Beyoncé is the same exact Beyoncé we know and love today; ambitious and beautiful.

2. Taylor Swift Back in the Day
Often used a photo to show that there is hope for everyone that they too will blossom into a beautiful woman, Taylor Swift’s yearbook photo barely even looks like her! At the age of 14, Taylor and her family moved to Nashville Tennessee to pursue her career in country music. Who would have thought this goofy little girl would grow into the world’s youngest woman on the Forbes list of the most powerful females.

3. Drake
Drake’s fans and haters alike love to remind the famed singer and rapper of his humble beginnings. Hailing from Toronto in Ontario, Canada, Aubrey Drake Graham was an adorable little fella. After turning 15, Drake landed a role on the Canadian hit show “Degrassi”. The rapper still gets taunted for playing “aspiring rapper wheelchair Jimmy”! They’ll let it go one day, Drake!

Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

4. Eminem… everything makes sense now
By the looks of this yearbook photo, there is no way Em’s superlative would have been ‘most likely to become legendary rapper’. As a kid, Marshall Mathers was interested in reading comic books, and at age 17 he dropped out of high school. It wasn’t before long that he snuck into other neighboring Detroit high schools to participate in rap battles that would kickstart his long journey as a rapper.

5. Miley
Sure, Ariana Grande has undergone a number of transformations, but nothing is more confusing than the transformations of Miley Cyrus. From Destiny Hope, to Hannah Montana, to Miley. It seems as though each year brings a new Miley, but that’s what growing up is all about. Now that she has completed her innocent stage and rebellious stage, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Miles!

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

6. Ariana Grande… The Girl of Transformations
Ariana Grande is a fascinating young woman who has undergone too many transformations to count. Before singing “Love Me Harder” and going on world tours, Ari was singing as Annie at her local children’s musical theater. In 2009, Ariana got the thumbs up and made it onto Nickelodeon as Cat in “Victorious”. She dyed her hair red, and the rest is history!

7. Katy Perry’s Transformation
Before Katy Perry was Katy Perry, she was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Born into a religious family, Katheryn Hudson wrote and sang Christian songs up until the release of her first album under her stage name in 2008. Her short bob and cheeky smile beautifully transformed into the Katy Perry we know and love today!

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

8. Kim Kardashian Had Some Work Done
If you were skeptical about Kim’s facial plastic surgeries, look no further, the proof lies within the picture. Kim was still wildly gorgeous, no doubt, but she looks completely different these days! Who would have guessed that this girl would grow up to make millions after a homemade tape?

9. Jennifer Lawrence in Style
Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s most down-to-earth individuals. Her honesty and humbleness reminds us all of how our dreams are not so far away. JLaw looks absolutely adorable in her yearbook picture, rocking those dangly earrings and cute half updo. Though her signature style now is the Katniss Everdeen fishtail braid, we still adore this throwback Jennifer Lawrence style.

CREDIT: Seth Poppel / Yearbook Library

10. Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin is a bombshell of a woman who has accomplished so much during her career. From acting in movies to authoring a book and fashion policing, Kathy has done it all. After seeing her yearbook photo, it has many people wondering if Kathy has ever undergone plastic surgery! She is hardly recognizable in these childhood photos. Regardless, Kathy blossomed into a beautiful redhead who never fails to make her audience laugh until they cry!

11. Ke$ha
If Ke$ha had an awkward phase, this was it. Perhaps the tomboy look was in, or perhaps she just didn’t care. Though the pop star looks drastically different now than she did then, there is no denying that that face is, indeed, Ke$ha!

Seth Proppel/Yearbook Library

12. Kanye West
Believe it or not, there was a time where Kanye West was undeniably adorable and charming! Growing up in Chicago Illinois, West had an interesting childhood. At the age of five, Kanye was already writing poetry and was an honors student at his school in China, while his mother taught classes. He went on to graduate and move on to college before dropping out at 20 to completely focus on his musical and artistic career.

13. Iggy Azalea
Before Iggy released her first few mixtapes under her stage name, everyone back in Australia knew her as Amethyst Kelly. After being bullied and teased for creating her own clothing for school, Kelly dropped out of school, and came to America to pursue her dream of becoming a rap star. With her three hits Fancy, Black Widow, and Beg For It, Iggy would not be the chart topper she is without going through this terribly awkward stage in her life!

Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images

14. Pharrell Williams
Though Pharrell had to work his way to number one hits like “Happy” and producing movies like “Dope”, he has always had a fresh taste in fashion. He might not be rocking the huge hat he debuted at the Grammy awards, but he is working that flat top hair cut. Not to mention his trendy floral top that would still be trendy today! The strangest part about this picture is that Pharrell, who is 42 years old, barely looks any different!

Courtesy Princess Anne HS /ZUMA Press

15. Taylor Lautner
We can’t figure out if this photo was taken before or after Taylor’s role as Sharkboy in “Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D.” Regardless, both are incredibly embarrassing! The blossoming hottie definitely hit his awkward stages right around when this photo was taken. It’s just too hard to look past the spiked hair!

16. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan’s high school yearbook photo is one of the most adorable pictures of the star ever to surface. Growing up on Long Island in New York, Lohan attended both Cold Spring Harbor High School and Sanford H. Calhoun High School before completing her studies via homeschooling. As a teen, Lindsay was a part of her high school’s basketball team. It’s too bad everything spiraled so wildly out of control for her! We’re still rooting for you, Lindsay!


17. Kristen Stewart
KStew gets enough flak for dressing androgynously as it is, but it seems as though her tomboyish style is nothing new! Maybe her classmates were not surprised by the fact that she would make her claim to fame by playing the role of a girl in love with a vampire! Regardless, Kristen Stewart’s awkward charm is loved by many.

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library, Summit Entertainment

18. Nicki Minaj
When has Nicki Minaj not slayed? There has never been a moment, even in her high school yearbook photo! To no one’s surprise, Nicki took an interest in drama in high school, which explains her several alter egos and theatrical antics. Nicki doesn’t look too different in comparison and we know her passion for drama has yet to die down!

19. Justin Bieber
Biebs has always been absolutely adorable. Film footage from when he was a toddler can be seen in his movie ‘Never Say Never’, which only proves that once a cutie, always a cutie is true. Before the infamous Bieber hairstyle, this Justin was just singing for fun and enjoying making trouble at his Stratford, Ontario school.

Christian Augustin, Getty Images

20. Ursher Still Rocking in Style
Usher was hip, even as a youngster! With his baseball cap, beaded necklace, and graphic tee, his swag is undeniable. At the age of nine, Usher joined his mother’s youth choir at their local church. Upon hearing his angelic voice, his family encouraged him to keep singing, which eventually led to his audition for “Star Search”, a show much like the modern “American Idol”. L.A. Reid happened to hear his voice and ended up signing young usher at the age of 13. At 36, Usher is still going strong!

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

21. Emma Stone Still Adorable
Though many women across the globe are envious of Emma Stone’s fabulous looks and despise the fact that she got the chance to make out with Ryan Gosling on screen, not many are jealous of her delightfully awkward yearbook picture! Brace-faced Emma attended one semester of high school before convincing her parents to move to Hollywood, so she could pursue an acting career. Thank goodness Emma followed her dreams!

22. Blake Lively
Arguably one of the most beautiful women in the television and film industry, Blake Lively had an awkward phase just like everyone else. Lively started her acting career at the age of 10, but continued to attend public school until graduation. Initially she intended to enroll for college at Stanford University, but landed huge roles that would change her life forever. Today, Blake is married with a child and looks more beautiful than ever!

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

23. Anderson Cooper
Before beautifully morphing into the hunk he is today, Anderson Cooper was barely identifiable in this grade school yearbook photo. With his quote reading “Mary had a little lamb, the doctor fainted”, who would have thought this fella would be one of America’s greatest journalists and TV personalities. If one thing hasn’t changed, Anderson’s man candy level has only gone up!

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

24. Megan Fox Gives Us Hope
There is still hope for everyone who is experiencing an awkward stage or just downright despised how they look. Such was the case for Megan Fox and when she finally grew into her skin, no one could take their eyes off her. Her piercing blue eyes and stark black hair made her stand out among other rising actresses. We wouldn’t have Megan any other way!

25. Bruno Mars Killin’ the Fro
Right alongside Adam Sandler with impressive curls is Bruno Mars. Sporting a handsome fro, Bruno looks as if he were channeling Michael Jackson from his “Off The Wall” era, which would make sense as Bruno’s music sounds decidedly similar. Young Bruno was definitely the heartthrob of his high school in Honolulu, Hawaii before moving to LA to chase his singing dream!

26. Adam Sandler…the Master of the Curls
If you didn’t know that Adam Sandler’s natural hair was beautifully curly, now you know! The comedian was born and raised in a Jewish household down in Brooklyn, New York. The picture itself would have anyone peg Sandler as the class clown as he looks so adorable and amiable. Though he lost his luscious locks along the way, Adam Sandler’s rise to fame could not have existed without this wonderful phase!

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

27. Leonardo DiCaprio Was Always a Hearthrob
Leo has always been a heartthrob and a heartbreaker, since he started growing hair on his head. His haircut in this yearbook photo is alarmingly similar to the haircut he sported as Jack Dawson in Titanic. For every woman with a strong imagination, Leonardo Dicaprio will always be the one that got away.

28. Lady Gaga
Stefani Germanotta, more famously known as Lady Gaga, put down “ordinary people” as her pet peeve in her high school yearbook. What a precursor to her eccentric rise to fame! Growing up in Manhattan’s upper east side, the Germanotta family was all about art. Gaga enrolled in the Tisch School at NYU, where after two years, she dropped out to pursue her music career. Lady Gaga has always been a risk taker whose dream of headlining the Madison Square Garden has come true thrice over!

29. Angelina Jolie
Another woman who has been gorgeous from childhood is Angelina Jolie. No awkward stage ever befell this radiant woman. At the age of 16, Jolie began modeling and ever since, her career has taken off. Though her life’s journey was not the smoothest, it is inspiring to say the least! Angelina has come a long way!


30. Dita Von Teese
Heather Renée Sweet, better known as Dita Von Teese, is barely recognizable in her high school yearbook photo. With long flowy blonde hair, it’s almost as though Dita is a completely different person than Heather! Nonetheless, Dita is a perfect example of a woman who has never been unattractive for a day in her life. We praise you Dita.

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images