30 Greatest Party Colleges in America

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1. Penn State University
Penn state is the number one college on this list and for a good reason. During the last year, there have been numerous house parties where students have gotten completely wasted. The school’s party zone mostly heats up during game season, a time when students come out in large numbers to support their cherished Nittany Lions. They have to celebrate somehow, right?

2. University of Iowa
This college has the honor of being one of the top schools for drinking a lot of hard liquor. Although it is a bit secluded, students at Iowa University make their own fun, especially whenever there is a game between the Hawkeyes and any other team on the schedule. Lots of alcohol is flowing at this campus, both the stronger stuff and beers as well. They are really up for anything!

3. University of Florida
Having one of America’s largest Greek systems, the social scene of this college is dominated by sororities and fraternities, not to mention a great love for Gators athletics. Every single time the students want to have a party off-campus they go to the bar district known as Midtown, which is within easy walking distance of the school. If you are a Florida Gator, you are up for any kind of party!

4. Syracuse University
Students in this college go crazy during the weekends, and more so for their sports team – the Big Orange. Greek life is what sets the tone for social life in school, with many students packing out the local bars. The most memorable concert, however, is the Mayfest, where everyone gets into the mood to party all day long!


5. West Virginia University
This University has always secured a spot in the top five list of best party schools in America. The school year alone kicks off with a “Fall Fest,” which is a massive party/concert that happens on the first week before classes begin. It is meant to welcome back students to the campus. Let’s just say, things get pretty crazy!

6. Clemson University
Fighting Tigers, the football team of the college dominates and presents an excuse for partying. Every time the team plays, there’s a party going on. On the weekends you will also be able to attend many house parties, where beers and Vodka flow freely. Almost a quarter of the students are in sororities and fraternities, so it’s not really a surprise how crazy they party.

7. University of Illinois at Urbana
Each year student at this college takes advantage of new entries, organizing parties to welcome them. There are also many bars around, where they pack almost every weekend for some good time. During Saint Patrick’s Day, the students usually have this special celebration because the college was on spring break at the time of the Irish holiday.

8. Florida State University
Florida is known for great weather all year round, which is perhaps the reason students here never get tired of partying. If it gets too hot, like during the summer for example, they cool off by holding pool parties. They also love drinking as they support the Seminoles, their football team.

9. Ohio University
Ohio University is centered around countless bars located on Court Street, where students create their own block of parties known as “Fests.” The largest is called Palmer Fest, which is a massive block party that’s held every year in May, followed by BYOB, a music festival held twice a year.

10. University of California
This college has something really special that seems to set it apart from others: it has its own beach. Yes, students don’t have to go elsewhere to sunbathe, surf, or drink on the beach: they do it all on campus! The house parties are also crazy, especially on the Del Playa Drive, where most students live. If you like to party, the University of California is the place to be!

11. Kansas State University
Kansas State University students love their school, which is evident in the many parties they hold to celebrate the Wildcat athletic teams and other common school events. They take advantage of an area named as a throwback to the college’s original mascot, Aggieville. Aggieville is an area packed with many college bars.

12. Lehigh University
Almost half of undergraduates in Lehigh are part of a sorority or fraternity, with the Greek scene setting the social tone. The campus holds one of its revered traditions known as “The Rivalry,” which is a football game held annually against Lafayette College. During the weekends it’s also hard to miss organized parties and a lot of booze because, well, they happen all of the time!


13. University of Georgia
Students here say that they party hard all year round. This isn’t far from the truth, considering the club and bar scene in downtown Athens, where students spend their weekends drinking and dancing all night long. The party scene is even livelier when the Bulldogs win a game.

14. DePauw University
When it comes to Greek life, it is said to be an inescapable part of the social life here at DePauw University. An incredible 70 percent of students join either a sorority or fraternity. There is a popular event held yearly known as Little 500, where students hold a bike race. Hard alcohol dominates parties to the extent that the administration was considering banning liquor from fraternity events.

15. University of Mississippi
The party scene here is crazy at the University of Mississippi. However, the most notable event of the year where you find well-dressed students, rows of tents, and, of course, plenty of alcohol and food, is known as The Groove. This is where every home football game during the year is held.

16. University of Kansas
This University is believed to be one of the best college towns in America. There are many city bars around the Campus where students love to party. Alcohol is always available, especially when the students are supporting their home team, the Jayhawks.

17. Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s students know how to party. Just as they are known for making good grades, they are also renowned for drinking and holding house parties. When the Hokies, their home team, are playing the students usually come out in force to offer their support and drink.


18. University of Wisconsin
There is a ton of alcohol consumed at this university, both hard liquor and beer. Students always take advantage of the Greek scene, not to mention other social events and opportunities, such as the Mifflin Block Party held at the end of every academic year and also the Street Halloween Party held in October.


19. University of Missouri
Athletics happen to be the main part of the social scene in this college, and many students are strong supporters of the Tigers, their home team. On campus, the partying culture is evident, perhaps due to the fact that the school is located in a college town.

20. University of Notre Dame
Because of the lack of Greek Life and single-sex dorms in this college, many people think of it as a gendered campus, where students have little interaction between females and males. However, when it comes to partying and supporting their sport team, the Fighting Irish, things are different. Partying and drinking is absolutely out of control here!


21. University of Texas
This college is notorious for its downtown scene. Sixth Street, located fairly close to campus, is packed with bars that go on for many blocks. Students get drunk during the weekends and club hop from hipster bars to hip-hop bars. There are also bars playing cool country music daily.


22. University of New Hampshire
Though Greek life in this college is about 10-15 percent of the total student population, the college is known as one of the finest schools when it comes to partying hotspots. Students at this campus have every reason to party. They take advantage of the Syllabus Week, Saint Paddy’s Day and Football Saturdays to party and drink.

23. Arizona State University
Students going to this college enroll there for prestigious academia and to, of course, attend pool parties. When the temperatures are high, everyone slips on their bathing suits and heads for the countless amount of pool parties, where dancing and drinking is the scene all day long. During football games the parties are even more extreme!

24. Louisiana State University
Show up at Tiger Stadium, especially on Thursday afternoons, and you will know what partying is like on this Campus. The beer is abundant and music is as loud as can be! Students don’t sleep for about 60 hours; all they do is drink and drink!

25. University of Colorado
The Greek scene at the University of Colorado makes up for the majority of students there. Although the school administration does not allow kegs in the fraternities, the parties are taken to big houses around the campus. Whether it’s during the weekends, Halloween Week, or St. Patrick’s Day, there are always house parties organized by the students themselves.

26. University of Alabama
Football Saturdays is the main excuse students use to drink and party all night. Although Alabama lacks the glamour, glitz, and club scene like other cities, the students have devised their own ways to conduct their merrymaking. They organize house parties and visit a few bars near the Campus.

27. University of Miami
Miami University happens to be one of the most expensive colleges in America, so everyone is assumed to have deeper pockets, unless they are there on scholarship. Buying plenty of alcohol is not a problem for this student population; they party every weekend, attending pool parties and house parties. It’s madness!

28. University of Southern California
At no other university can you be offered a formal invite to Catalina Island, where students hold parties on private chartered yachts. Los Angeles is also an area where premium open bars await partiers on a weekly basis. Football Saturdays and Fountain Run are also celebrated in style with plenty of alcohol.

29. San Diego State University
There are always pool parties in California, and San Diego University is never left behind when it comes to parties! Students can be found drinking all day long, especially at Pacific Beach bars. House parties are also crazy, with students buying all sorts of alcohol and having a great time!