30 Most Haunted Places in the World

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All around the world, there are places that simply send a sharp chill down our spine, and even  more so when we walk by them, read about them or, visit them. Take a look at 30 of the world’s most haunted places – in no particular order:


1. Borgvattnet (the Haunted Vicarage), Sweden
The first paranormal sighting at Borgvattnet was in 1927 when a chaplain saw his laundry being torn by an unseen force. Years later, a priest was visited by an apparition of an old woman dressed in grey. She appeared in a room and vanished in another. At one time, a guest at the same house woke up at night to see three old women sitting around her bed.

2. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
In the 17th Century, the ghost of a tall man was seen wandering the Castle of Good Hope. There also were sightings of the ‘Lady in Grey’. The lady was reportedly spotted running through the castle crying hysterically. In addition, there’s a bell tower that normally strikes on its own accord and a ghostly black dog attacks unsuspecting visitors.

3. The White House, Washington, DC
Some of the ghosts that inhabit the White House include that of Abigail Adams who has been recognized as haunting the East Room, Dolley Madison whose ghost lurks around the Rose garden, and Abraham Lincoln whose ghost can be seen returning to the Lincoln bedroom. Witnesses of ghostly activities have reported knocks on the doors, screams, voices and laughter.  It is said that haunted footsteps have also been heard.

4. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada
Multiple guests have reported seeing a ghost bride dancing in the hotel’s ballroom. There also have been sightings of ghosts of family members who were murdered in room 873. Lastly is the ghost of Sam Macauley, a former bellman. The phantom helps guests to their rooms, opens the doors and turns on the light before disappearing.

5. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia
This homestead is known to be the home where tragedy struck repeatedly. Its original owners – the Crawley family witnessed many deaths (a child fell down the stairs, a maid fell off the balcony, and a stable boy burnt to death). Later on, when the house was taken over by caretakers, one was found murdered inside one of the cottages.

6. Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico
The haunting of the Island of the Dolls started after a young girl drowned in the murky waters. Years later, when a man befriended her, he too was found dead at the same spot, where the girl had drowned. Ever since, visitors to the island claim that the girl’s doll’s eyes follow them and whisper to them.

7. Chateau de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France
Following a double murder back in the 15th Century, Chateau de Brissac became the home to ghosts. Its current occupants report seeing the ‘Green Lady’ roam around and scaring their guests. Those who have seen her face report that it has holes in the place of her nose and eyes.

8. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida
This highly prominent museum and lighthouse also ‘prides’ itself as being a home for the spirits. Examples of ghosts that inhabit the museum include those of two girls who died at the site as well as a woman crying for help. People have also heard ghostly conversations, footsteps coming up to the lighthouse, and they have also seen creepy shadows.

9. Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland
The first people to witness paranormal behavior reported seeing disembodied ghostly figures in the area. Today, both staff and visitors to the site claim to have seen a worried ghostly woman clad in black as well as a little girl, Annie. They have also reported hearing strange footsteps following them.

10. Fort George, The Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada
At Fort George, ghosts have been visible. Spook visitors include a soldier, a man in red cloak, an old woman who shows herself in mirrors, and a young girl who follows groups during tours. The little girl even holds hands with guests! People have also heard unexplained knocks and bangs while some have been pushed by unseen forces.

11. Eyam, Derbyshire, England
Eyam is to date haunted by the spirits of its former residents who died of the plague. The Mine’s Arms pub is the most affected area as people have heard unexplained footsteps on numerous occasions. Some have also been visited by the ghost of a young servant girl who drowned in a village well.


12. The Whaley House, San Diego
One of the spirits that still inhabits the Whaley house is that of Jim Robinson. The owners (James Whaley and his wife) are also believed to  dwell in the same house. Another ghost that has been seen in here (within the dining room area) is that of a young girl.


13. Tower of London, London England
The most prominent spirit that haunts the Tower of London is the headless body of King Henry VIII’s wife who was beheaded in 1536. Other specters are those of Lady Jane Grey, the White Lady who is often seen at the window waving to passersby and ghosts of two former illegitimate Princes’ ghosts who appear as they did when they were children.

14. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennysylvania
Being the first US prison to introduce solitary confinement, the prison saw a lot of inmates go insane. After its closure, paranormal sightings have been witnessed such as those of shadowy figures and ghostly faces as well as hearing evil laughter and strange sounds like distant conversations, banging cell doors, and disembodied footsteps.

15. Raynham Hall, United Kingdom
This place is to date haunted by the spirit of the ‘Brown Lady’ better known as Lady Dorothy Walpole. It is believed that after her husband discovered that she had been having an affair, he locked her in their home, where she later died. Her ghost has been spotted occasionally and was even captured in a 1936 photo.

16. Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Kentucky
This former tuberculosis hospital is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of some of the 63,000 patients who died here. People have claimed to see full bodied ghosts and shadows, hear sudden footsteps, ghostly voices and screams coming from empty rooms. At one time, a phantom figure walking down the hall was captured on film.

17. Akershus Fortress/Castle, Oslo, Norway
The most haunting thing about Akershus Fortress is the existence of a demon dog known as Malcanisen. It is believed that if this dog approaches you, you are bound to die a horrible death within the next three months. Also seen here is a ghost of a woman, Mantelgeisten, as she walks towards her private chambers.


18. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England
As soon as this devil worship sanctuary got converted to a bed and breakfast, guests complained of hearing ghostly voices, seeing ghosts in their rooms and being pulled or touched by unwanted visitors. The current owner/resident says that during his first night at the house, he had someone grab and drag him out of bed! Only the bravest of the brave should spend a night here.

19. Iulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania
Following the death of his 19 year old daughter, spiritualist Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu built a castle in her honor. He went so far as dedicating an entire room to enable him to reconnect with her. To date, Iulia’s spirit haunts the castle, and her ghost has been seen walking through the courtyard. She appears dressed in white and holding a bouquet of daisies.


20. The Queen Mary Hotel, California
Examples of ghosts at the Queen Mary hotel include those of two ladies who drowned in the swimming pool. Their ghosts are usually seen around the swimming pool area. In addition, a gentleman wearing a 1930’s suit haunts the first class suites. Also, the ghosts and voices of two children haunt in the storage room.

21. Aokigahara, Japan
The place is widely known to be inhibited by demons who usually lead innocent victims to their deaths. In fact, it is the world’s second most popular place for suicides. Though termed as mere suicides, there is a presumption that the people who die here are murdered by these demons.

22. Old Changi Hospital, Changi, Singapore
This hospital is today haunted by the many Japanese soldiers, prisoners, and patients who were either tortured or died here. Ghosts of a woman walking through the rooms, a man walking down the corridors, kids in the old children’s ward, and bloodied soldiers have been spotted. Other common occurrences include unexplained screams and loud bangs.

23. Amityville House in New York, USA
This is the home where a 23 year man shot and killed his parents alongside his four siblings. As soon as another family moved in, they started hearing movements and banging noises, smelling mysterious and persistent odors, seeing ghost-like strangers peeping through their windows, and witnessing jello-like leaks from their walls.

24. Changi Beach, Singapore
Changi Beach was for many years used as a killing ground for the Chinese soldiers. Today, beachcombers say that they hear people weeping and screaming especially at night. At times, they find big pits similar to those used to bury the dead, and occasionally they find headless Chinese soldiers on the beach. All these occurrences are witnessed during the night.


25. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Both staff and visitors to this castle have reported paranormal sightings which include appearances of ghosts. Apparitions include a headless drummer boy, a piper and an old man wearing an apron. There also have reports about people being pulled or touched, feeling of being watched, hearing strange sounds and, seeing strange lights and unexplained mists.

26. Poveglia Island, Italy
The Island is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the many people who died here. Aside from the visitors seeing ghostly shadows, they are likely to become enraged or even possessed. As of today, the whole island is abandoned and fishermen refuse to fish here out of fear that they may catch human corpses.

27. Stanley Hotel, Colorado
Room 418 of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado is said to be occupied by the ghost of Lord Dunraven. Aside from this, staff and guests at the hotel have reported hearing piano music coming from an empty ballroom and hearing children play along the corridors late in the night. This hotel is actually what inspired Stephen King’s novel, The Shining.

28. Dragsholm Slot/Castle, Denmark
This castle is notably known for housing prisoners of ecclesiastical and/or noble rank during the 16th and 17th Centuries. Today, it’s the home of at least three ghosts – the 4th Earl of Bothwell (James Hepburn), a white lady, and a grey lady. Their ghosts are usually seen wandering the castle.

29. Lawang Sewu, Semarang, Indonesia
The creepy thing about the Lawang Sewu is that numerous people have reported seeing the ghost of a Dutch woman who is believed to have committed suicide. What’s more is that she has even been captured on film! Another common sighting is that of headless ghosts that roam the buildings corridors, basement and grounds.

30. Babenhausen Barracks, Hesse, Germany
A visit to this museum will give you a chance to see ghosts from World War II as well as hear voices in the basement, the clack of footsteps and, witness lights turning themselves on and off. Soldiers who have visited the museum and picked up the phone have reported hearing the voice of a woman talking backwards.