31 Parents Who Got it Right on Halloween

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1. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
If you’re a fan of the movie, you know exactly what the name ‘LaFawnduh’ refers to, and if you don’t, go see the movie. This kid’s ‘stache  should be slightly thinner, but he’s got the rest of Kip down pat. All that’s missing is a statuesque, six-foot African-American woman with long hair and boundless love for her Caucasian little man.

2. Chucky & Tiffany
Yeah, this is kind of creepy, but really dead on (pun intended), down to the overalls and striped shirt that ‘Chucky’ is wearing. And the ‘Tiffany’ likeness is uncanny and kind of startling. These two look like they’re auditioning for “Chucky and Tiffany:  The Early Years.”

3. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan
Nice! This pic is like something right out of Gump’s childhood, with the short-sleeved shirt buttoned up all the way, the oversize cap and the innocent gaze. And check out how the parents of these kids got the ‘Lieutenant Dan’ character perfect, down to the missing legs and the headband.

4. Little Granny
If Granny morphed back to pint-size, she would look exactly like this little toddler, who seems to have a particular expertise at rolling that walker. The gray-hair bun is a great touch, as is the pink cardigan. This pic is proof of the fact that newborns and old people look very much alike.

5. Abercrombie Model
This is how you rock the dream-bod of a male model when you’re still not old enough to drink milk without being carded by your mom. But check out the pose this kid strikes, curling his little hands at the perfect angle to approximate a flexing stance. Kudos to the parents for training him early on how to ‘front.’

6. Walt and Jesse (Breaking Bad)
Wow, this is startling, creepy, scary and hilarious. The kid dressed as Walt is priceless, with a perfect triangle goatee and wire-rimmed glasses. But it’s that gaze that freezes you, right? This kid has channeled Walter through those ‘Say my name’ eyes that puts a chill in your spine. And the kid dressed as Jesse has that punk smirk down pat.

7. Baby Zombie
Umm…yeah, the zombie aesthetic is rampant these days, and the parents of this kid did a remarkable job of scaring the crap out of anyone who happens to glance at this kid, but even as a joke this one’s a bit off-putting.

8. Little Edward
Scissorhands lives! From the wild hair to the thin black lips to the vaguely steampunk leather outfit, this one’s a gem. The parents didn’t stint on any detail, including the pale face. One thing, though. Are those the kids real ears, or part of the costume? Because if they are real, those are some whoppers.

9. This Spiderman Pose
Whoa, that’s a really nimble kid. This is an awesome rendition of Spiderman’s classic pose, and it kind of reminds you of a gymnast trying to stay poised on a balance beam. This kid is confident to the point of being a little arrogant, right? But who can blame him? He’s got the whole wall-crawler thing down to a tee.

10. The Big Bad Wolf
My, what big teeth you have, Grandma! Father and daughter are bonding over the classic fairy tale, and who doesn’t like a Dad who’s cool dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, with the modern-day twist of a pipe, and the kid who’s all about the ravenous bad wolf.

11. Donald Draper
How did the parents get this kid to pull off that smug, top-of-the-world expression that made Don Draper such an icon of the 1960s? And the two-handed glass holding is classic. Every detail is there, from the three-piece suit to the ‘Don Draper’ name tag, to the slicked-back hair. This kid is going to be making million-dollar deals in smoky offices in a few years.

12. Ice Cream Anyone?
The ice cream truck is an eternal kid’s favorite, and this version, pint-size as it may be is still a delight. But the kid does look a bit more like a pastry chef with that cute hat, and is that a bowtie? This may be an old-school ice cream man that this kid is channeling. And the mode of transport is pure Fred Flinstone.

13. Run DMC
This cutie has the hip hop look down to the untied white sneakers. Her too-big dark glasses are a great touch, and the gold chain that’s nearly as big as her entire body shows much ‘tude. But check out the way her right index finger touches her mouth as if to say, ‘Yeah, you know I’m fly.’ The boombox behind her looks loud enough to blow her off her feet with the bass alone.

14. Mini Clown
Uh, freaky much? The two scariest things in horror flicks are clowns and spooky little kids, so combining the two is the stuff of nightmares. The bloody knife adds a grimness that’s not really needed, given that the kid’s eyes under that blue and white paint are enough to haunt you for years.

15. Hannibal Lecter
This kid’s eyes tell the story, don’t they? If that mask was off, you just know he’d try to snack on your ear lobes with a nice glass of milk and some fava beans on the side. But what’s strange is that this seems to be a display at some kind of comic book or Manga convention. Wonder if he’s part of a two-for-one package, in which you buy a poster and get the kid for free?

16. Dwight Schrute (The Office)
How uncanny is it that this child looks like the spitting image of what Dwight would have been as a kid? The part in the middle of the hair, the big glasses, the tie over the unbuttoned top collar, it’s all pinpoint accurate. Wonder if this kid is as rude, condescending and socially inept as Dwight? Nah, this is Dwight after all, and he barely qualifies as human, so thankfully this kid is just impersonating him and not channeling any of Dwight’s horrible characteristics.

17. Head in a Jar
Wow, this takes a minute to appreciate the creativity and inventiveness of the costume. The parents put a lot of work into this and it shows. This would easily win Best Costume at a Halloween competition. Look at the quality of the ‘dead kid’ makeup on the boy’s face, which suggests his body’s gone cold. And marvel at how the kid manages to breathe inside that bowl, even though there’s holes poked into the top. The cotton balls are a fantastic detail.

18. Albert Einstein
Brilliant! This Little Einstein has the bushy brows, the ‘stache angling downward that is separated by a slight part in the middle, the multi-colored suspenders and the pants that are pulled up halfway up his chest. All of these are classic Einstein, and the stacked books complete the entire look. But it’s the kid’s expression that gets you, right? He’s excited to learn, and that’s what made Einstein a cut above.

19. Baby Gandhi
The icon of Zen is chilling. The round spectacles are as good as it gets, and the beads and robe are exactly what Gandhi would wear, even as a baby. But somehow this child’s parents got their boy to pose with the expression of total contemplation that was a hallmark of Gandhi’s. This kid’s face says, ‘Relax, everything is going to work out.’

20. Burrito Baby!
At first, you’re thinking ‘How could they do this to such a cute baby,’ but then your dark side takes over and you start guffawing. It’s not just the baby’s awesome wide-eyes expression of blind trust, but the gold foil and the Chipotle bag are priceless. And the kid looks as if he’s just small enough to fit into that bag for takeout.

21. Baby Wilson (Castaway)
You all remember Wilson, right? The inanimate volleyball that became Tom Hanks’ character’s companion when he was stuck for years on that island? This kid’s been puffed up to Wilsonian dimensions, and the painted face is there just in case you can’t make the connection to the movie. Without the painted face, this kid could have gone trick or treating as the Michelin Man.

22. Little Prince on a Scooter
Another great throwback costume, this time to the 1980s and the era of funk ruled by Prince. First off, this girl is just about the right height, as Prince is about five feet  tall in heels (and he loves wearing heels). Second, the purple velvet ensemble was well-chosen by the child’s parents, as was the white ruffled shirt underneath. Third, the mustache is thin and wispy just like that of His Royal Badness and lastly, the scooter is a nice parody of the black motorcycle Prince rides in “Purple Rain.”

23. Mario and Luigi
It’s amazing how enduring the Super Mario Bros characters are from the 1980s. They’ve crossed three generations and are still going strong, and clearly, the parents of these two children understand the legacy of Mario and Luigi, and have outfitted their kids with panache. The Luigi mustache is epic as is the kid’s suspicious expression. The girl is just precious, but seems confused by her role in the duo. Don’t worry, Mario, Luigi will steer you in the right direction.

24. Wayne’s World
These ‘costumes’ may only work for people who remember Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as the two public access hosts who want a bigger audience on network TV, but if you don’t know Wayne’s World, check it out on Google, then come back and be wowed by how well these kids pulled off the homage, down to the long, blond hair, torn jeans and uncanny expressions.

25. Star Wars
This nearly brings tears of nostalgia to the eyes of everyone who remembers the moment that soaring John Williams score began in “Star Wars,” transporting you to an entirely new galaxy. This rendition of Princess Leia and R2D2 is filtered in a haze that makes it look like the pic was taken in the 1980s. And from the back, this version of Leia and R2 is so perfect it puts a lump in your throat as everyone waits for the opening of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in December 2015.

26. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj
Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, this will bring a knowing smile to your face, because Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj are two of the most recognizable musicians in the world today. And what a job these parents did to mimic those stars, down to the ‘tattoo’ drawings on the bare chest of the boy, the dreads, the throwing of the signs, Nicki’s multi-colored hair and the sassy hand on hip that is her signature move. This would take first place in a costume contest, because the details are spot-on.

27. Abe Lincoln on the Penny
On creativity alone, this is one of the better Halloween costumes you’re likely to see. But you also have to give credit to the details, from the way the ‘In God We Trust’ is written at the top of the penny, to the perfect copper makeup on the boy’s face and the perfect alignment of Honest Abe’s beard on his face.

28. KISS Family
Get ‘Back in the New York Groove’ with this family of rockers who are obviously fans of the legendary group KISS, and have gone to great lengths to pay tribute to the band. The paintwork has a high level of detail, but with KISS, it’s all about the hair and Gene Simmons’ tongue, and this family nails both. One minor quibble, though, the kid on the left is either practicing her mean look, or just isn’t as enthused as the others. Discuss.

29. Goose and Maverick (Top Gun)
Thirty years after its release, “Top Gun” is still one of the most quoted movies of all time, and its two lead characters, Goose and Maverick continue to be the prototypes for young, hotshot fighter pilots. These babies look like they’re just about to take a nap in the cockpit, but their uniforms are crisp and sharp, and those shades pull the entire look together.

30. SAW
If you jumped back a little when you saw this pic, you’re not alone. Jigsaw is one of those characters that just freaks you out, and this is about as real a duplication as you’ll ever see. The tux is right, the red bow tie is properly askew and the wheelchair is a nice twist on the red bicycle that Jigsaw rides in the movies.

31. Joker
Heath Ledger’s Joker has nothing on this kid’s rendition. Check out the way this boy is sucking on that lollipop, and the look of pure malice in his eyes. This is one scary kid who knows how to put the fear of darkness in another person just by suggestion. The outfit is super tight, from the fashion-cool purple coat to the vest, tie and shirt, to the black-and-white sneakers. And the green hair? Disturbing, distinctive and daring. Parents of the Joker, take a bow, you’ve done yourselves proud. But keep an eye on this kid, because he may stay in character long after Halloween has ended.