37 Celebs Who Killed it at Prom

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1. Ellen DeGeneres
Wow, this is a real step back in time, isn’t it? We all sort of associate Ellen with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes, neither of which are noticeable in this prom photo. And this appears to have been taken years before Ellen came out, publicly or privately. Check out the prom dress. It looks like it was sewn from a tablecloth.

2. Jessica Alba
This is priceless. Alba must have made a deal with the devil to look eternally young, because her face here is pretty much what it looks like in present day. But the star of this pic is the guy. He couldn’t be happier to have bagged a beautiful date for the prom, and his can-you-believe-my-luck expression is for the ages.

3. Ashton Kutcher
This black and white gem looks as if it was taken in the 1950s, from the fashion styles to the grainy exposure. And there’s no way you would guess that the guy in this pic is Ashton Kutcher. This looks like one of those old photos that people look at and point out that the guy in the pic resembles a modern-day Kutcher, even though this really is Kutcher. Get it?

4. Jennifer Aniston
Aniston is rocking 1980s hair and big earrings, all part of that era’s vibe. Her date is a nerd who somehow scored a prom date with a girl way above his punching weight, but kudos to him for getting Aniston to say ‘yes.’ You wonder if he ended up marrying a prom queen or if this was the highlight of his life.

5. Kim Kardashian
This is a prom pic of Kim K and the young man she dated for several years. His name is TJ Jackson and his father is Tito Jackson of the Jackson Five. Trust Kim Kardashian to have set her eyes on famous men even back when she was just a teenager. In an interview with Oprah, Kardashian admitted that she lost her virginity at the age of 14, and since she was dating Jackson at that time, most people have guessed that he was her conqueror, though she has never confirmed that fact.

6. Halle Berry
Is this a prom date or a wedding? Check out Berry’s partner for the evening who looks as if he’s about twice her age in this pic. And what is the little girl doing, and the entourage as well? This looks like a wedding photo and Berry is dressed in more of a bridal gown than a prom dress.

7. Britney Spears
Let’s sincerely hope that the man on Spears’ right is her father who is taking a photo with his little girl right before he hands her off to her prom date. Otherwise there could have been some arrests on this night given that this guy is old enough to make you think he’s the creepy old dude in the bar.

8. Brad Pitt
This is yet another prom pic that looks like a wedding photo taken in Vegas. Despite the ridiculous 80s shag hair, Pitt still has that fresh Golden Boy look and smile. His date looks old enough to be his big sister but maybe Pitt was into older girls back then, who knows?

9. Will Ferrell
Check out the sly smile on Ferrell’s face. Then realize that he’s wearing the crown intended for the prom queen, which tells you that Ferrell was a clown from way back, and that he and his date just might have won the title of Prom King and Prom Queen. It’s kind of comforting to know that Ferrell has played the fool for more than 30 years.

10. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has channeled Liza Minnelli in this prom picture, and her date could pass for a young version of Neil Patrick Harris. They’re both rocking aviator shades, and look way too cool for school or prom for that matter. Gaga’s prom dress looks like a halter top and though we can’t see the rest of it, chances are she shows a lot of cleavage. This is prom the way only Gaga could do it.

11. George Clooney
Clooney’s signature grin is firmly in place in this pic, and why not? He’s got a cute chick on his arm, he’s young and handsome and a fortune teller has just told him that he’s going to be a big star in about 30 years, run for office and become President. What, you think he married Amal for no reason?

12. Rihanna
Either Rihanna doesn’t age a single day in her life, or she has outstanding genes, because this prom picture taken more than 10 years back looks like it could have been snapped yesterday. It’s nice to see the diva songstress wearing something that actually covers her naughty bits for a change, but the question everyone wants to know is how in the heck did this guy get her to say yes?

13. Taylor Swift
This is exactly what you would expect from a Taylor Swift prom pic. The quality is high, the framing is excellent, the color contrast is premium and every girl in the picture is shorter than Swift so that she stands out. Seriously, doesn’t this picture look as if it was edited until it was just perfect? Just like a Taylor Swift song.

14. Michelle Obama
This prom pic looks as if it’s a coronation for the First Lady, who sits with a regal bearing fit for a queen. It’s a pity that her date’s head was cut out of the picture, because most people probably think it’s Barack Obama, which would be incorrect as the two didn’t meet until they were both at Harvard.

15. Fergie
This was Fergie before she went all Black Eyed Peas on us, and she seems to have taken a serious-minded date to her prom. The guy she’s with looks formal and intense, whereas the photo bombing friend in the middle look as if he’s just happy to be included in the picture. You wonder if Fergie ever thinks about her prom and the dude she went with, or if her present circumstances are too busy for that kind of reverie?

Seth Poppel / Yearbook Library

16. Ryan Seacrest
Ah, so Seacrest always had that mile-wide smile, even back in high school. He’s grinning as if he won the lottery, and his date is pretty damn happy to be with him as well. This is a picture so bright with white smiles that you need eyewear. As the 1980s song said, ‘The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.’

17. Matthew McConaughey
McConaughey’s aw-shucks charm is in full display here, even though his date has unfortunately styled her hair in such a way that she looks like his mother instead of his companion for the evening. If you superimposed McConaughey’s teenage face onto his adult face, there wouldn’t be that much of a difference.

18. Snoop Dogg
The young Calvin Broadus cut a suave and debonair figure in his black coattails and gold cumberband. His date looks like she was in her mid 20s when this pic was taken, which may be have been the case as some proms allow you to bring a date who doesn’t actually attend your school. But give Snoop credit for outfitting himself in fly threads and looking like a man on the rise.

19. Tyra Banks
Before Banks was teaching young model wannabes how to be fierce, she was doing normal high school things such as going to prom. This is a non-traditional prom dress, sleeveless with a deep cleavage, though it doesn’t appear as if Banks is prepared to fill out the dress the way it deserves. Her date looks straight out of early 1990s central casting, down to the thin mustache and tough-guy expression.

20. Snooki
It says a lot about how much Snooki has changed that she barely looks like the same trainwreck that starred for several years on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” This is a classy dress, appropriate hairstyle and remarkably subtle makeup for a woman who a few years from when this picture was taken would become synonymous with outrageous behavior.

21. Demi Lovato
Now this is how you take a prom pic. The dude is striking a playaz-gonna-play pose, and Lovato’s raised-leg stance is a perfect complement to the guy’s confidence. The clothes are fly, the background is scenic and the vibe feels friendly and fun.

22. Natalie Portman
Go and Google a current picture of Portman then compare it to this prom pic from 1999 and you won’t see much of a difference. Portman is 34, but she’s really ageless, and this picture proves that she probably sold her soul to that same dark spirit that made her the black swan in her Oscar-winning role in order to stay young forever.

John Barrett / Globe Photos

23. Sandra Bullock
Bullock has that same all-American smile, and her features haven’t aged much since this mid 1980s prom pic. She’s clearly having a great time dancing with her date, and they’re both attired in classy outfits that stand the test of time. Bullock is the kind of self-effacing star that you could easily see accepting a prom date today and showing up on the arm of some star-struck 18 year-old.

24. Barack Obama
With the exception of the bad hair, this pretty much is what the President of the U.S. looks like today. Obama and friends look as if they had a fantastic time, especially with all that champagne and wine in the background that was probably consumed at a rapid rate. The style is all 1970s and Obama’s white suit is not a traditional prom color, but judging by this pic, nothing traditional occurred on this prom night.

25. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
While we are are well aware that this is not a prom photo, we can imagine Kendall and Kylie would have looked something like this if they would have went to prom. Kylie and Kendall were age 13 and 15 in this photo and they were absolutely killing these dresses which were designed by famous prom dress designer Sherri Hill.

26. Christina Aguilera
This must have been back in the time when Aguilera was still approachable, because she’s vamping and having a good time instead of worrying about what the public will think about her. But she’s come a long way since this prom pic, with new hair, new boobs and a new attitude that some would call divalicious. Aguilera isn’t a celebrity that inspires much empathy, but at least for this one night years back, she looks like any normal 18 year-old acting silly during the prom.

27. Kobe Bryant and Brandy
In May 1996, a month before he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers straight out of high school in Lower Merion, PA, Bryant asked R&B superstar Brandy to the prom. Though the two hadn’t been dating, Bryant had kept his eye on Brandy and finally chested up enough to ask her to the prom. Brandy’s mom did some research on Bryant, and realizing he had real potential as a future NBA star, gave her approval. The famous Bryant smile is still intact and they both look like a million bucks.

28. Hailie Mathers
If the last name sounds familiar that’s because Hailie is the daughter of Marshall Mathers, commonly known as Eminem. This is her prom picture from 2014, and it’s kind of stunning to realize that the little girl that Eminem used to talk about is now all grown up. Not only did she graduate with honors and sit on the student council, she also played on the volleyball team and received an academic excellence award. She is currently attending Michigan State University.

29. Amanda Seyfried
Seyfried looks as if she took this prom pic last week, but her prom was in the early 2000s, even though she still looks exactly the same. Seyfried, 29 is a young actress who has appeared in a number of films including “Mean Girls,” “Mamma Mia” and “Ted 2.” This is an unusual prom pic because it’s an all-woman snap with no dude in sight. But as girl power goes, you can’t ask for a better memory than prom night with your BFFs.

30. LeBron James
Even at prom you could tell James was dressed for success. The suit isn’t some off-the-rack selection, it’s a designer suit cut to fit James’ dimensions. Similar to Kobe Bryant, James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers soon after his senior prom, and the rest is NBA history. Note how much hair James had in this picture, but other than that, he still has the same confident smile.

31. Meryl Streep
Check this out, back in the late 1960s, girls who went to prom didn’t mind wearing short dresses that showcased their legs, which is exactly what Streep is doing in this prom picture. You can also tell that proms were much more formal and traditional back then, with the guy wearing white gloves and a bowtie. It appears Streep and the nameless dude were prom king and queen judging from her crown, so in addition to her mantle of Oscars, Streep probably still has her prom queen headgear.

32. Carrie Underwood
Underwood is one of the most likable of all “American Idol” winners and also the most successful in terms of records sold. Now married to NHL player Mike Fisher, this prom pic from 2001 shows Underwood and her date Jason Ramsey enjoying a chaste picture together. Underwood is wearing a simple dress, and her date jazzed things up a bit with a black and white tux. This is what small-town American prom looks like.

33. Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass
Back in the late 90s, Fishel and Bass dated before he realized he was gay. This picture of the former “Boy Meets World” star and the former ‘N Sync singer show the two of them before the prom. Though Bass broke up with her just a month after this picture was taken, the two remain close friends and often Tweet each other. Fishel didn’t play it safe with her prom dress, opting for the slit all the way up to mid thigh and the strapless top with an open back.

34. Faith Hill
Hill looks as if she’s about to get married to the dude on the right, and her dress is so old fashioned you wonder if this prom pic was from a 1950s Mennonite event. Hill probably wouldn’t allow her daughter to wear this dress style to her prom, but back in the small town of Star, Mississippi where Hill grew up, this is what was considered appropriate prom attire.

35. Reese Witherspoon

36. Sarah Palin
There is no way to tell that is is the same Sarah Palin who would one day become Governor of Alaska and a vice presidential nominee for the Republican Party. This looks nothing like present-day Palin, and in fact if you just thought it was a picture of a vaguely attractive teenager and her blandly handsome date, you would be right. Palin’s prom dress is kind of plain, and her date’s frilly blue disco shirt is a bit distracting. Style-wise, Palin would graduate from this off-the-rack dress to designer pantsuits and designer shoes.

37. Tiger Woods
In keeping with his penchant for dating or marrying blondes, Woods started the trend early in this prom pic. The wide toothy smile is the same, but there’s something vital and vibrant in Woods’ eyes here that is largely absent from the present-day version who is weighed down with disappointment and misdeeds. But the tux is smooth, and Woods’ date seems happy to be in his presence. Four years after this picture was taken, Woods won the first of his 13 PGA Major championships.