Shia LaBeouf’s “JUST DO IT” Video Has Created Some of the Best Memes We’ve Seen

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Oh, Shia LaBeouf. Lately, you never fail to raise an eyebrow. Between appearing at a German film festival with a bag over your head or giving one of the most incredible motivational speeches of all time, you, Shia, somehow manage to out-do Nicholas Cage when it comes to being completely and totally nutty.


With all that in mind, here’s a clip from Shia LaBeouf’s original 30-minute motivational speech. Bask in the insanity and then check out the funniest memes that have stemmed from this video below.



1. 2001: A Space Shia-dssey
You’d think it’d be impossible to top the glory of the original video. But you’d be wrong. A number of Internet denizens have been taking advantage of the fact that Shia LaBeaof nicely filmed himself in front of green screen and have inserted him into all kinds of videos and memes. Here’s one of my personal favorites, his appearance in 2001: A Space Odyssey, calling out HAL.

Source: YouTube/Dillion Becker

2. Who’s That Shia-Mon?
But Shia’s motivational talk isn’t the only Shia incident ripe for humor. We mentioned the paper brown bag incident earlier. Apparently, it was part of a performance art piece (as the Interior Seminotics lady can tell you, that’s always a mixed bag). He showed up at a German film festival wearing a paper bag, which had the words “I Am Not Famous Anymore” written on the front of it in sharpie. The good old Internet had fun with that:

Source: Imgur

Everyone remembers Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. How about a cover, as performed by Shia LaBeouf, appropriately titled “Do It!” YouTuber SAMTIME imagined what that’d be like, combining some of the most memorable clips from Shia’s motivational speech with Michael Jackson’s famous music video.

Source: YouTube/SAMTIME

4. Star Wars: The Shia Strikes Back
Forget having a green Muppet as your mentor. This skillfully edited Star Wars and Shia parody casts Shia LeBeouf as Luke Skywalker’s mentor. As opposed to charmingly screwy Yoda-grammar, enjoy the copious sound of “JUST DO IT” echoing out over the Dagobah swamp.

Source: YouTube/190 Proof Entertainment

5. Batman Versus Superman Versus Shia LaBeouf
Regardless of how you might feel about the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film, one can’t deny that Shia LaBeouf in the film would have helped make it even more interesting. Here’s Shia giving advice to the dark and brooding pair.

Source: YouTube/Joey Danger

6. Just Do It: Three-Year Old Style
Somehow, Shia’s motivational speech is a little easier to swallow when it’s delivered by a three-year old girl. Going off her acting, she’s already giving Shia a run for his money.

Source: YouTube/Tingman

7. Shia-Heart
Forget Mel Gibson. This “Just Do It” parody casts Shia LaBeouf as the instigator to the Scottish uprising against the English. We have to admit, it almost works better this way.

Source: YouTube/Vertext Studios

8. TED Talk
You may be a dedicated TED Talk follower or completely apathetic to the concept of bettering yourself. Either way, TED and Shia were made for each other, as this inspiring YouTuber demonstrates, casting Shia LaBeouf as a motivational TED talker.

Source: YouTube/Michael McNeff

10. The Shia LaBeouf Infomercial
Shia’s high octane performance is only matched by the bravado of infomercial spokesmen and women such as the late and great Billy Mays. So what if Shia LaBeouf took a hint and starting doing his own infomercials? This YouTuber imagines precisely what that would be like.

Source: YouTube/Panacamanana

11. What’s Better Than One Shia?
What’s better than one Shia LaBeouf? A dozen or more. This YouTube video showcases the best of multiple Shias. It’s oddly hypnotic, although the refrain “JUST DO IT” will haunt your dreams.

Source: YouTube/harnaSSS

In this video, Shia helps Gohan go Super-Saiyan. It’s the best thing for Dragon Ball Z franchise since Dragon Ball Z Kai or a better movie. You do have to admit that Shia LaBeouf wouldn’t be out of place as an anime character.

Source: YouTube/spencermcunningham

13. Se7en
This one features Shia intervening on behalf of Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey during the infamous box scene. Unlike many of the other videos on this list, this YouTuber goes easy on the Shia (I never thought I’d have to type that sentence), and takes advantage of the scene’s already tense editing and some careful sprinkling of Shia to make this scene comic gold.

Source: YouTube/Royel Pictures

14. Darn It, Shia
As opposed to inserting Shia into another movie, William Alan Miller decided to do something a little more interesting. By using clips from Shia’s motivational speech, Miller tells the story of a frustrated neighbor and an overly energetic Shia.

Source: YouTube/millerwa4

15. Just Do It
There’s something surreal in itself about Shia’s motivational speech. It’s hard to make it even weirder than it already is. This Imgur user, who co-opted a literally Shia inspired font for this motivational message, definitely succeeded.

Source: Imgur

16. Shia LaBeouf: Stacked
Ah, Shia. He’s the gift that keeps on going. Photoshop Shia anywhere and you’re guaranteed to have gold.

Source: Imgur

17. The Lord of the Shia
While we would love to see a creative YouTuber maybe insert Shia into a Lord of the Rings scene, this is a good taste of what to expect.

Source: Imgur

18. Shia LaBeouf Live
Oh, Shia LaBeouf. You’ve starred in everything from viral videos to crappy Hasbro inspired blockbuster schlocks. But now, Shia’s the subject of an elaborate stage show, complete with performances from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the West L.A.’s Children’s Choir, and the Argus Quartet. 3-D printed Shia masks seal the deal here.

Source: YouTube/Rob Cantor