15 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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1. Cut Away
It sounds crazy, right? You want longer hair, not shorter. Why would you ever cut it?! Well, as they say, healthy hair grows! If you have split ends or dead ends on your hair, which occurs when you either use a lot of heat on your hair or fail to trim it consistently, it will not grow. You should have a trim every two months or so in order to keep your ends healthy.

2. Shampoo Less
When it comes to “clean” hair, less is sometimes more. It’s actually more than okay to skip shampooing your hair several times a week. Maybe aim for every other day. Some people even go two days without shampooing their hair. Shampoo can actually remove natural oils that keep your hair healthy. While it is necessary, of course, it does not need to be applied each time you shower.


3. Condition
I don’t care what other people told you! One of the worst things you can do is believe the lie that skipping conditioner is good for your hair. From all of the things we put our hair through (heat products, coloring, etc.) we need to keep that moisture in our hair. Every single time your hair is wet, there should be conditioner on it. Find an organic conditioner that has natural ingredients for happy hair!

4. Coconut Oil
I think we’ve all caught on to the trend of using coconut oil for, well, everything! It’s great as a cooking product, it’s great as a lotion, it’s great as a lip gloss, and it is also great to keep your hair healthy and glowing! Apply to your ends when either wet or dry to keep the ends healthy and growing. If you aren’t going out in public one day, try using it as a hair mask. Apply all over your hair and wrap in a bun to let the moisture soak in! Shampoo twice after.

5. Hair Oil
Hair oil is a great way to keep your strands happy and healthy. Find a natural hair oil that is organic to make sure everything in it is beneficial for your hair. Apply to your hair and let your hair soak up the fatty acids, then just shampoo and condition afterwards. Do this several times a week.

6. Brush Away
Now, you don’t necessarily have to brush your hair 100 times before going to bed as you were probably told when you were younger. However, brushing does do wonders in moderation. If you brush too much, you can actually harm your hair, so make sure to brush wisely. Use a comb when it’s wet to reduce breakage. You can use a brush with boar bristles when it is dry.

7. No More Towels
A heavy bath towel may seem like the perfect and most logical thing to wrap around your hair when it is wet after a bath. However, that is not true at all. These towels can actually cause a ton of damage and breakage to your hair. Your hair is most sensitive when it is wet, so you have to be careful. Use a thin microfiber towel for your hair if you want to wrap it.

8. Ponytail Problems
We all love a simple ponytail, don’t we? It’s easy, keeps your hair out of the way, and it’s a go-to hairstyle for most women, am I right? The problem with this is most women place their ponytail in the same spot every single time. This will eventually cause damage to your hair. Switch it up. Sometimes do a high ponytail, sometimes do a low one. Wrap a bun on top of your hair, etc. Avoid that breakage for healthy and long hair!

9. Cold Water
After you are done showering, do a quick cold-water rinse! Just run cold water through your hair to keep the moisture locked in. This may seem like the smallest and most tedious thing ever, but it really does add up when you do it after each bath or shower. Just do it for a few seconds, and you’re good to go!

10. Pillowcases Matter
Are you using a basic cotton pillowcase? Ditch it now! Throw that thing out, and promise me you’ll never use it again! Why? Cotton can cause friction just as a cotton towel will. You don’t want to sleep on that all night. Use a sateen fabric for your pillowcase.

11. Supplements Help
There are so many vitamins and supplements that provide needed nutrients for healthy hair that you may not be getting in your daily diet. Go to a Whole Foods or another organic store nearby and check out their supplements for hair. One of the best things to do is get a great hair, skin, and nails supplement. Kill three birds with one stone!

12. Heat-Resistant
Most women tend to use a ton of heating products on their hair every single day. I mean, we have to look good, right? Well, this is causing even more damage than you probably think. Try using a heat-resistant product on your hair before you apply anything with heat on it. This will help reduce damage.

13. Hot Oil Massage
Sounds scary, right? It is heavenly though. Get a hot oil scalp massage. It not only feels great, it does wonders to your hair as well. All you have to do is heat the hot oil treatment and get someone to massage it on your hair. You can get it done professionally as well.

14. Egg Whites
We know we sound crazy, but if you try this, your hair will grow faster than you can handle! Egg whites have so many healing properties that restore your hair and make it healthier. Healthy hair grows quickly, so you need to do whatever it takes to make sure your strands stay healthy. Strain the yolks out of the eggs and make a hair mask for your hair out of egg whites.

15. Water and Diet
Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Water helps to clear your body of all of those toxins that can keep your hair from being healthy and glowing. You should drink ½ of your bodyweight in ounces of water every single day! Eat a lot of greens and clean foods to keep your hair healthy. It will grow faster than you think when you try these tips out!